Is It Normal To Have Contractions At 18 Weeks

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l - July 11

I had contractions on friday, I am 18 weeks. I thought they started later on but I know they were contractions because gas is completely different. My stomach would get really tight and then cramp up and then stop and then start again for an hour. they were pretty close together.


Steph - July 11

Seems to me that they would be braxton hicks. I remember something that my doc said that they can start fairly early your body practicing for labor. You should call your docs office just for peace of mind. Good Luck.


miranda - July 11

They do sound like Brax.Hicks. What my dr told me is to drink a big gla__s of water and then lay on your left side for an hour. If they don't subside, and they are coming more than 4 or 5 an hour, you should call and make sure everything is okay. With my first pregnancy I got them almost every day from 26 weeks on, and they would come very frequently, but they never caused any trouble. I don't think I drank enough during that pregnancy. I drink about 14 gla__ses of water a day this time, and I haven't had them as bad. Give it a try.


Deb - July 22

I am 20 weeks and have been getting 5-6 contractions a day for the past week. My doctor said that this IS too early for frequent Braxton Hicks. She had me do an ultrasound to measure my cervical length. All looked okay, so no explanation yet. Until I see her Monday, she said no exercise or s_x, and lots of fluids. I didn't know about laying on my left side...will do that now too! On the good side, we found out it's a girl (fun)!


Kris - July 23

I remember my mom telling me she started having flase contractions with my little brother when she was in the begining of her 5th month of pregnancy(and they freaked her out big time)..and he ended up being a week late. If you are concerced though, just ask the good ol' doc. =)



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