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KM - May 17

Hey, I haven't been here in ages!! Just wondering if you girls were still kicking.. How's little Aja and Anastacia? ~m~ and Tiff, any babies yet ? :)


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 18

Oh my gosh, i've been wondering about you! So glad you're back! :o)How's little Aaron doing? I've kept in touch with ~m~ through emails, but she's been really busy with school lately, so she hasn't been on here. E has been MIA for over a month now, but she did move to another state about a month after she had Aja, so I bet she's just too busy to update us. Haven't heard from Dez in well over a month either. We conceived our 3rd little one on Valentines Day. I'm now 16 weeks, and the baby is due on Nov. 7th, but i'll be having my 3rd C section a week prior to my due date. You'll have to update us on what Aaron is doing now. Is he crawling yet? I forget how old he is, so I may be jumping the gun, but for some reason, I think he's around 6 months. Forgive me if i'm wrong. :o) Don't be such a stranger next time, got it??? Take care girlfriend! :o)


~m~ - May 18

Hey girls! I'm finally back.... probably temporarily though. Yesterday I had a few spare minutes to jump on and look at/respond to just a few posts. Today I have a few minutes, also. Winding down the year is busier than beginning it! Our school built a new HS building, so I'm busy moving my computer lab, books, etc. School will be out in a week, so I'll really be scarce then. My dial-up at home soooo p__ses me off, so I don't get on much there. KM- How is Aaron doing? What is he doing new? I finally got me a new dr. She is great! She has ran some tests, prescribed some medicine, and hopefully the next pregnancy will stick. I ovulated last Thursday, so I started Procheive on Sunday. Friday, I'm supposed to go get my Progesterone level tested to make sure it's high enough. It was really super low a few weeks ago. So that's it in a nutshell. I'm not sure if you were around when we were all posting our piczo sites, but just incase you weren't, I made one of me and my family. It is http://www.ourprideandjoy.piczo.com/ . It's good hearing from you. I was just thinking about all you guys the other day and wondering what happened to you and Dez. I, too, haven't heard from E for a while. Maybe she'll be back when she gets settled in her new home, and settled in as a new mommy. --- Talk to you girls later! Tiff, hope you're feeling well girlfriend!


KM - May 20

hey everyone!! :) nice to hear from you. Im in the process of moving,again,,so I get internet next mnth and can post more.Tiffani congrats on your pregnancy, and ~m~, here's hoping this is the one! Aaron is doing great, and you're right he is 6 mnths now! getting so big, rolling over, trying real hard to sit up.i think im crazy, but im ttc lol I want a little girl soo bad :) I love being a mom so much.


Dez - May 31

you ladies are still here wow youll never believe the smile i got when i finally found a post from you ladies, I havent been here in ages my self. well baby is ana is good she is real pet_te the dr. says she is only like 14 lbs now at six months. she is sitting up and rolling like crazy, this whole thing is going by so fast its crazy. KM i just checked out your website yesterday again, he sure is a cutie, they grow so fast. www.babyana.piczo.com if you ladies lost it.


Dez - May 31

Uh oh Km I jumped the gun and posted right away before reading the second post of your ttc huh? your crazy, but good luck. I actually havent been ttc but i still havent used any protection, lol but still no babies. I really miss everyone on here but its so hard to post when your not experiencing these things any more, lol i just think im sure glad im not throwing up or i can roll over in bed now, lol. tiff congrats, and E hope to hear from u soon. m be sure to let us know how your doing


bump - June 3



Whats up - June 6

How are all of you



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