M And E Where Are You

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Missy - March 15

Hey guys, haven't seen your posts in a while - are your computers going wacko again? Just checkin on you two...hope all is well. Post when you can!


tiffani - March 17

Missy~ I just got an email from both of them and they are both doing well. E's computer won't allow her to post on this site right now, but she's still able to read our posts, so she's not quite out of the loop. (Hi E!) She is in quite a bit of pain from all the pressure the baby is putting on her tailbone and is taking some medication to make the last few weeks bearable. She's dialted to 1.5 cm and is 80-90% effaced. Little Aja is "expected" on April 6th, but I think he'll be early. ~m~ has been tied up since Monday at a conference, and got back last night. She has a lot of catching up to do at work, but is hoping to get back on here soon. She's anxiously awaiting the results of her fertility issues and focusing on losing a few pounds while she waits. Hopefully they'll be back soon. :o)


Missy - March 17

Thanks Tiffani! Glad to know the girls are OK. Poor E! I have my fingers crossed that this one gets easier for you!! Looking forward to hearing from them soon, they bring something special to these boards - their smart a__s comments!!


tiffani - March 17

They bring something special to these boards alright - Stalkers. Lol. Joke people. Now laugh. :o)


tara - March 17

they sure do make this a more special place! I don't chat with them much, but really enjoy thier funny posts. :o)


KM - March 17

tell her I hope everything's going well, ask her if she could e mail me with her birth story and pics :) [email protected] I hope she has it on the 5th, my b-day lol


To E and ~m~ - March 18

Hey gals, hope all is well. E i believe your little one will be arriving soon. The best of luck to you. I'm sure everything will go smoothly for you. ~m~, I hope you're finally getting back on track with everything. I'm sure god will bless you again. When you find some time, shoot me a line. Good luck to the both of you. I'll be saying prayers! Talk to you soon! much love and hugs!


Dez - March 20

E be sure to email me [email protected] or if you have instant messenger [email protected] and m you be sure to email me too



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