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Lovely - March 3

Has anyone noticed, that ~m~ has been posting wonderful comments, keeping her chin way up, in the face of attempted debauchery by psychos, has suffered a miscarriage, and STILL posts wonderful congrats to new members, and still has heart enough to joke around and make us smile or laugh, or just feel good. I think she is a ~miracle~ woman. I can honestly say, that in the face of my own personal tragedies, I did not have the strength to pass on such sunshine to others. I just want to say, as a relatively new poster, I'm glad to know this place has women like her here.


Missy - March 3

I absolutely agree - ~m~ YOU ROCK!! (Not to mention your beauty inside, but you are an incredibly beautiful person outside too, I saw your pics, and you have to most good looking boys/husband - keep them under lock and key!!)


Ashley - March 3

I agree! Your strength is unbelievable. What a great example to set for your boys.


momof3 - March 3

I agree, ~m~ is so nice and kind! She always makes me laugh with her stories. What a great person!


rose - March 3

i also agree!!! ~m~ has great advice and funny stories!!! i admire your strength through all youve had to endure...cheers to ~m~!!!!!!!!!


MandyD - March 3

Ditto to all those comments! She is one fabulous chick!! Rock on ~m~!!!


Lindsey - March 3

She is definitely a wonderful person. She is strong willed. She needs to be on Survivor!!!


~m~ - March 3

OMG!! ~m~ stands for MIGHTY GRATEFUL!! You guys are the best. This has sooooooo put a smile on my face!! I am smiling uncontrollably right now. It completely warms my heart to hear these things!! I wish, if even for one day, we all lived in the same city so I could take you guys out to dinner or something and show you how good this makes me feel! I love talking to people and helping when I can, or at least trying to help. I don't always know the right thing to say, but I do always care. Thanks again you guys!! My most sincere appreciation goes out to you all! I know I probably sound mushy, but I can't help it. This is so totally considerate! LOVE AND HUGS TO YOU ALL!!!!


~m~ - March 3

LOL Lindsey! I'm sortof a wimp, so I don't know if I'd "survive", but I would LOVE to be American Idol material!! Except that I can't carry a tune in a wheel barrel! I guess I could try to pull a Milli Vanilli and just lip sync! LOL Milli Vanilli..... oops, I'm showing my age!! :o)


lovely - March 4

"Girl you know it's true.... ohh ohh ohh.... we love you!"


? - March 4

What ?


FU - March 4

To Who Cares Anymore - Don't let the door hit you....


~m~ - March 4

You can't come back???? OH NO, then who will spread their misery??? LMFAO Seeeeeeeee YA!


to the hater - March 4

geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez dude, will u get off ur own nuts already! its plain to see she has friends and theres nothing u can do about it. if u are sick of reading it, then dont f---ing open it up. its easy to see what this thread is about so dont open it if u dont like it. get a f---ing clue!!!! i have talked to her once or twice and she is very nice and helpful. so stick that up ur a__s


Lindsey To ~M~ - March 4

OMG! I remember Milli Vanilli!! That's scary! I also remember watching the grammy's when they did the lip sync. How are you feeling today? I'm not so good. I had a m/c in october and my sister in law and I were only 1 week apart, and they called me last night to tell me they're having a girl. I am happy for them, but it's kinda bitter sweet. I can't stop crying. UGH! I'm sure I'll get over it. Anyways, Hugs to you girl!


~m~ - March 4

Lindsey, I am so sorry for your misfortune last Oct!! I can totally see how you feel. Even though you are happy for your sister-in-law, I know it must be so hard to think about everything. That happened to me with my first miscarriage. I know a girl who found out she was pregnant about the same time I did. So when I lost mine, and would still see her around, still pregnant, it hurt. It's a normal emotion. It's perfectly ok to cry about it. It probably won't be the last time. I'm sure there will be more things about the situation that may remind you how things might have been. But keep in mind, that your day will come. Soon, you will get your blessing. And even though you will never forget your little angel, it will help you heal when you are blessed with another one. You just hang in there! Cry when you need to. Everything you are feeling is normal, ok, so try to think happy thoughts. Things will get better! - Thank you for asking about me. Now that I am pa__sing everything, I am better emotionally. Now I feel like I can move on and start thinking about trying again. I can't wait until we are both blessed with our babies. This site has really helped me. There are so many women who go through miscarriage and it always helps to talk to people who have been through it. I don't think I ever really realized how common it is. Lindsey, I'm sorry that you are hurting! I will say a prayer for you! ((((( HUGS TO YOU ))))) :o)


MandyD - March 4

Since when do women have nuts??? Did I miss something?!



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