Monistat Gynazole Or What S The Best Brand

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LadyD - May 25

I had a dr.'s appt on Tuesday & she told me I have a yeast infection. She is now on vacation so I can't talk to her. She prescribed Gynazole but it's not covered by my insurance, so I called the dr's office and the nurse said try Monistat 1 but it may not work the same for me. I bought the Monistat and don't want to open it because it may be a waste of $ . How do I know if it works because I don't have any symptoms at all, I didn't even know I had an infection! No burning, irritation, smell, NOTHING at all. What do I do??? I can't afford to pay the co-pay to go back to the dr. and pay for the meds if necessary. I don't know what I should do. Is there a way to find out myself in a few days if it worked or not? Is there a generic brand or what's the closest to Gynazole or best brand to use?


Been There - May 25

You can try the Monistat first. It worked for me. But if you don't even know you have an infection, then you won't know if you've healed. However, you won't know with the Gynazole either. So I don't think it will hurt to try the Monistat.


LadyD - May 26

Thank you, Been there. I used it last night. I have my af and I was warned that it would be messy. I normally use tampons but the box says not to use them when using Monistat so I had to wear a pad. Does anyone know if I can wear a tampon over the weekend or should I keep wearing pads?


Ddvinson3 - May 26

Monistat has always worked for me!


LadyD - May 26

Thank you, Ddvinson. I hope it works for me. How do you know it works? Did you have symptoms?


Evonna - May 26

My doc told me i had yeast infection too, and i also don't have any symptoms of it either. No burning, itching, smell, nothing. Atleast i am not the only one that felt i was prescribed medication for no reason. But i was also wandering what else to use besides the messy yeast infection cream i was given. I see everyone has used Monistat and seemed to work fine.


Been There - May 26

LadyD and Evonna, it seems just about everything we have to go through as women is messy. AF, some feminine medication, and for most of us on this site, birth. Do we every get a break? And, LadyD, continue with the pads. Don't insert anything into the v____a until your next AF visit. Just to be on the safe side.


LadyD - May 31

Thanks for the info, Been There, and Evonna, I wanted to know if there was something besides the cream, too, but I couldn't find that out. I used the cream and I feel the way I did before I used it, normal. I used pads the whole 5 days. I don't have any discharge at all right now. I want to douche but rumor has it that you can get infections from douching. I haven't done it in a while so I know that didn't cause my infection. Does anyone know if that's true? I think the dr. was wrong, too. Why do we have to suffer? It sucks being a woman sometimes, I swear.



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