Multiple Ceserean Question

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Lynn - August 21

Hello....I asked this question on another board but have not got an answer back and am kind of anxious for one since I am seeing my doctor tommorrow so if anyone can help I would love it----I am scheduled for my second c-section next month, 10 years since the last one, a friend of mine suggested that I ask the doctor to pull the skin tighter this time..has anyone else ever heard of this? I just dont want to look like a fool when I go to ask the doctor this....Thanks in advance


kEEKEE - August 21

Pull the skin tighter?? Wow, I wish i knew about that. Are you talking about c-section and tummy tuck? I have heard of people talking about that....Good luck!!!


Lynn - August 21

Well it wouldn't be a tummy tuck its just that my friend said that when I go to get this c-section done since it is my second just ask the doctor if he could pull the skin a little tighter when sewing/stapling it up? Have you ever heard of this?


Jen - August 21

Never heard of it but i'm going to ask.


Lynn - August 21



Amy - August 22

hello i have never heard of that i'm having c-section #4 wow i think my need lots of pulling together lol


Renea - August 22

Lynn-I will be having my 4th c-sect. in March-this will be my last one. My doctor told me that with my last one, he was going to remove all the other scars from previous c-sect. and leave just one line-basically a little tummy tuck. I don't know if they will do it if not your last one though? Let us know what your doctor has to say?


Renea - August 22

Hey, I saw the doctor today but not the one that is actually going to be working on me but I have to go back next week so I will ask then, this is my last child as I am getting my tubes tied, but I am anxious to see if someone else knows something I do not know by next week, also why did you have to have multiple scars? I must just be confused but I was under the impression that they would perform this ceserean through my old scar? Is that how it works or is it different then what I was expecting?


Lynn - August 22

LOL< I meant to say hi renea, but the last post is from me>lol


TaBetha - August 25

I have had two c-sections and this last time was told that they would remove the first scar. They did not. I will be having another one next Feb. for my next baby. I would a__sume that they could pull the skin to a certain point, but I'm not positive.



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