New Plus Size Amp Pregnant May 1 2006

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MeM - May 1

Gotta run but here's the new thread!


Angie in MI - May 1

Hi Ladies, I hope that you all had a great weekend. We did! I am just so in love with my little Ally! She is so fun.. She laughs and smiles so much now, she just started following me with her eyes and loves the mirror!! This weekend she even started to roll onto her side. I hear her awake in her crib right now just laughing. Shes so wonderful. We seem to be all at different months with our babies. Ally is now 6 weeks. About 1.5 months. What are some of milestones you are enjoying now?


Tess - May 1

Hi Angie and MeM! Im currently 37wks/3days now considered full term. I just had my 5th u/s last friday....she weighs 7lbs n 7oz (estimate) her hb is 162 bpm, the blood flow from the umbilical cord looks fine :D she's practicing breathing now (we saw it on the monitor) Im negative for the group b strep test (yey!) I did my 1st internal and I found out Im 1 cm dilated. I know weigh 216 lbs ppw was 180 lbs. My dr. is a lil. concerned that I might have toxemia? Bcoz of that sudden weight gain. Got a urine and blood test done and hopefully my results comes back normal. Right now I just feel that I can have this baby anytime now.......Im feeling alot of contractions mostly during the night (b4 I go to bed) but then it comes n goes. Our 4th yr wedding anniversary is coming up (may 8th) I hope that I will have her either b4 that day comes or that day.....I just think its a very nice present for the both of us. Goodluck ladies!


lynnstress - May 1

Hey everyone! Jackson is napping now, so I have a few minutes here before I have to get busy. My info - I was 234 lbs. pre-preg, gained 41 lbs. in 41 weeks of pregnancy. Jackson was born Dec. 16, 2005 and weighed 9 lbs. 1 oz., 22 inches long. It took us 3 years of half-hearted trying to get pregnant. I had a very easy pregnancy, no m/s at all, just a lot of burping all the time. Hubby says how could you tell the difference? (I come from a very ga__seous family!) Mint gave me a lot of heartburn. I even had to get cinnamon toothpaste! Jackson is now 15 lbs., 11 oz. and 25-3/4 inches long. He is already wearing 9-month clothing. I lost all my preg weight by 5 weeks postpartum, credited to b___stfeeding. I am several pounds down from my pre-preg weight, and I'm still working on it. Jackson was baptized on Saturday. Hubby's parents met him for the first time. (They are divorced and live in different states.) Jackson is their second grandchild - hubby's nephew will be 18 this week and graduating high school shortly! I'd like to have another baby - I just turned 39 after all - but hubby is still suffering from sticker shock. But I have all the grandparents on my side, and I'm still working on convincing hubby. He says that Jackson is such a good baby, so we shouldn't tempt fate. Everybody else says you CAN have more than one good baby! Hope everybody has a great week, and I'll be back when I can.


Angie in MI - May 1

Hi Tess, sounds like everything is going good and you're almost there! I don't believe in ultrasound estimates anymore. Everytime I went they were surprised at how big my baby was! Once I even heard the tech gossiping about how big a baby I was goign to have to other techs. The day I went in to deliver, they told me she was over 10 lbs. Ally ended up being 8lbs 1oz and the most perfect baby! However, she was 22 inches long! She is tall like her momma! Good luck having patience until the end. That was the hardest part for me!


Tess - May 1

Hello again! My nurse just called me today to let me know how my results were. They said that my blood test came back normal but "toxemia might occur" So I have to watch out for the symptoms and call them right away to be evaluated (day or night) Tsk...tsk...tsk. They want me to take another blood test this weds. to make sure which I dont mind at all. I hope I did a lil bit of progress by the time my Dr. do another internal. Im sooooo ready to have her. (REALLY!!!)


lynnstress - May 2

Hey Tess, I gained 15 lbs. between weeks 32 and 34 of my pregnancy. I wasn't "eating for 2" or anything. Try not to worry - they will tell you if they think anything is really wrong. Just like they say at Weight Watchers though - don't get weighed the day after you eat Chinese food! Or if you drink a lot of soda the day before your appointment, you could be retaining a lot of fluid. Just some thoughts from someone who's been there! :)


kellie - May 2

Hello! I am about 250 lbs, and I was wondering if any of you other plus-sized girls had any trouble getting a positive result on a pregnancy test. My period is over a week late (first time this has ever happened) and took 2 tests from the same box and they both came back negative. I was just wondering if it is possible that the pregnancy hormone is diluted because of my size. I was not TTC, I would like to see my doctor if my period doesn't show up soon, but I feel like they will think I'm crazy because I have not had a BFP. =)


lynnstress - May 2

Hi kellie; I stressed myself into a late period many times while TTC. I'm talking 10 or 12 days late. The ONLY positive I ever got is when I was pregnant, and I was plus-size every time I took a preg test. HPT's are very accurate these days.


Karen - May 2

Hi gals. Well my little Kaelyn is now almost 1 month old. She arrived early on April 3rd (was due April 16th). My prepregnancy weight was 197 and after checking with my midwife last week - I was apparently 215 lbs when she was delivered. She weighed in at 5 lbs + 10.5 ounces (small considering I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks). She now weighs 7 lbs and 6 oz (well as of Thursday of last week so she's likely more now). I am down to 198 lbs now...I've been snacking lots because I just finished one of two essay papers that were due in April but with babe's early arrival - I received extensions. I tend to snack on everything while writing! And I haven't been out much considering every second I get a chance to sit at computer to write - this is what I am do while Kaelyn naps. Kaelyn slept for 5 hours last night from 10 p.m. - 2:30 a.m. We are having some problems with sleeping come 4:00 a.m. or so. Oh by the way I had her au natural with only one shot of demerol. My bottom is still sore...had one tear. Motherhood has been great..although my hormones do a number on me every couple of days. I'm wondering if I'm getting ready to have a period...feel kind of crampy. When did others have their first period? And hate to ask...but how long did you wait before enjoying "relations" with partner?! Midwife wants us to wait to the full 6 weeks...I'm ready mentally but wonder if I am physically with some of the discomfort I am still experiencing. Kaelyn is a pretty good baby...she does fuss if you put her down and all she wants is to be held. She is eating almost every 2 hours and about 2.5 ounces with each feed. She's still mucusy and we are dealing with that..saline drops and elevating her to sleep at night..have now put a pillow and 2 large sears books under her ba__sinet mattress! Hahah. I have found even at this early stage in her development, she is liking her 2 hour afternoon nap - thank god...I need either the rest or the time to screw my head back on straight! The weather is so nice...I look forward to some wonderful walks with the stroller...and I believe we are getting ready to see some of her first real smiles...can't wait - and Angie - I'm pumped with the news that Ally is laughing at 6 weeks...I can't wait for our little one to do that! I'm sure she's laughing on the inside when she pees on me and everything else when changing her! I hope everyone is well...its been so wonderful to have got to know many of you...I still haven't signed onto the other website..I'm still waiting for an invitation??? Welcome Tess...good luck with won't be long now...I had no warning signs and then bang started contracting at 38 weeks. with you gals later..


Angie in MI - May 2

I NEED TO VENT! I know that my husband works all day, but it is hard to be home all day with a baby. Especially on her fussy days. Today I went to the store when dh got home. I was gone for no more than 1.5 hours, if that. He wanted to hand the baby to me as soon as I walked in the door saying she had been fussy (I know I dealt with it all day!) I said no I had to put things away. Then later she was screaming when he had her. He can not quiet her down! I try to suggest things and he gets annoyed (although he says he doesn't). He says when i'm gone she screams like that alot. He just sits and holds her and says shhh that isn't going to quiet her! Anyhow, I'm supossed to go out on Friday night to a friends house for cards. Now, I feel like I can't go and leave them alone. I just want to cry! I can' not be the only one who can calm her down that is going to make me insane! I don't know what to do about it!


lynnstress - May 2

Angie, you have my sympathy. We are kind of in the same boat. I'm a stay at home mom, and hubby (half) jokingly says things like the baby is all mine until he's about 4 or 5 and can go have happy fun play time with Daddy. We are still talking about another baby. Hubby says if he agrees to another one, I can never go anywhere until the youngest is 3 or 4 - including my annual girls trip to Vegas! I say he can kiss my a$$ on that, since it's the only vacation I get in a year. Sunday I told him I wanted to go shopping and spend some of my birthday money. I left at about 1 pm and got home before 5. Yesterday he said he feels like he doesn't get a weekend because I need some alone time. Yup, that whole four hours for me to go shopping in a 60 hour weekend means that he never gets a weekend. Jackson is 4-1/2 months old - it's not like he's a brand-newborn who needs constant feeding. My hubby's semi-valid excuse is that he's never been around a new baby before we had Jackson. Well, I was never really around a new baby all that much more either! If only we could all win the lottery and have paid help. Angie, you have to talk to your hubby and he needs to understand that you need time alone, too. My day begins at 6 or 7 am, whenever Jackson wakes up. Hubby doesn't get home until 6 pm most nights. I make sure to let hubby unwind for a few minutes, change out of his work clothes, and usually eat dinner before I ask him to take over so I can, oh, I don't know, eat dinner, go to the bathroom or even take a d__n shower. Jackson goes to bed any time between 7:30 and 9:30. Then I need some time to unwind before I can think about sleep. Asking too much? Hell no. And I'll give a standing ovation to all you working mommies. I don't think I could do it!


lynnstress - May 3

Oh yeah - I forgot to mention that hubby gets his one night out a week, every Wednesday. This week, he's taking his work team out for Friday night happy hour, too. His work buddies will be at the same bar. I told him Jackson and I will be at Grandma and Grandpa's.


Charlene - May 3

Angie - feeling your pain. My hubby is the same and I get so frustrated. I did learn someting new yesterday when our nurse was here - I asked why baby "hated" daddy - she said that it isvery normal for baby to choose a primary care giver - that will be the person that will be most effective at soothing and such. Since us mommies spend so much time with babe- it tends to happen that we are the lucky ones (not so lucky some days) The nurse suggested that dad actually get right in there and interact with baby- gte quite close in his face and talk , coo what ever- so we will definitely try that. I actually was supposed to go out May 18 to a show, but have since sold my tickets as I cannot bear to leave baby home alone with dad for more than an hour. I feel so bad when he cries so long and so hard. But we definitely do need to regain our sanity - thank goodness for grandma - at least I can recharge sometimes. I love the little guy, but they can definitely wear you out. Oh, the nurse also said that baby can end up playing "strange" to daddy too. Guess we better make sure they have some interacting time. Hang in there.....we'll make it through - or maybe we can all just trade in the men!!!! Happy Wednesday everyone


Karen - May 3

Gosh ladies - you'd think we have enough to contend with than to have to deal with issues with MEN! And to think they are the ones that got us to this place in the first place! I am thankful however to know that I don't tread this road alone - that I'm not crazy...b___hy or over the top - we have some legitimacy in our arguments. I told my sister yesterday that it has nothing to do with my beautiful little one...instead its my husband! He does not recognize that I am at babe's beck and call from about 9:30 p.m. right through to about 5 p.m. the next day...I know I might fair better than others as my husband is home at night...and doesn't have a guys night out..but yardwork, the garage, tree planting and his work call him away from his responsibilities all the time! I swear if I hear the statement "well its got to get done - are you going to do it" - I may need to get the shot gun out - not for use on him but for use on his quad, every tree not yet planted, and sometimes, yes the dog! Can you tell my hormones are raging today! Haha. My sister told me that the best piece of advice anyone ever gave her was "three months - there will be some sanity to be had by three months". Lynstress and others...tell me this is true!! I had to also laugh last night...after giving hubby the big spiel AGAIN yesterday...last night he got up when I did...he offered to go make the formula...well christ I can do bet better...say "no honey...I've got this shift!". Him prancing around making formula with no clothes on actually just makes me laugh...and I told him this this morning. Although he's much more helpful and really enjoys time with Kaelyn...its still amazing how he still doesn't quite get the whole picture. Am I resolved to the fact that it will be I that will forsake hundreds of hours of sleep until our little darling is of the age where she sleeps through the night??? Perhaps its better for my spirit and soul if I do! Then maybe I will stop complaining. I think as women we are INCREDIBLE. And there's a reason WOMEN get stuck with this job of raising a newborn into toddlerness...because possibly MEN just aren't suitable or equipped to do it - I got come up with something to make me feel why not feel superior! Hell I'm losing it ladies..haha. Funny how our brains work when royally p__sed and lacking sleep! Everyone who is experiencing MAN junk - remember..our little ones need us...and if we are the ones that are getting the job done..we can take all the credit...something has to get us through. I congratulate us all for having the strength, endurance and committment to bear children and raise them...a MAN cound never do it! Its really a shame we can't all get together physically and hold a "b___h-man" session! With wine of course! Well ladies..babe is still snoozing and I'm making the MAN his MOOSE stew! Its a d__n good thing he's cute...haha. Humour...its what I need right with you soon gals! Hang in there...


jas - May 3

I can relate... Karen, I really think you are right - men just don't have the mentality to raise an infant. We finally got rid of all of the family, and dh goes on a week long camp thing with the boy scouts leaving me to deal with an extremely fussy infant who was used to being held all day long by family. Now there was no one but me and my 11 year old. With these hormones I was losing it. I cried everyday. Picked up dh last night and he tells me I need a friend. *sigh*. I needed him home to help. My other son was a God send in helping out. But in a few weeks they BOTH will be gone for a week and a 1/2 for summer camp. Ugg... Jadon is a great baby, but is used to being held all day so I get nothing done. He gets bored real easy and I can't put him down when he sleeps - he wakes up and screams. He found his screaming voice this past week which made things all the better... Anyway - thought I would add my little vent to the pot... Gotta scoot - ds is waking up


MeM - May 4

Morning ladies! Tess you must be getting excited, I remember whenI was at 37 weeks I just had this feeling like it could happen any min, but never did haha. Had to be induced. To update myself, I'm 20y.o. will be 21 on the 21st of this month, I gave birth April 7th by c section to a 9lb 6 oz baby boy Ryan. He's the cutest thing and is a good baby. Been ga__sy lately though, but for the most part he is good. Pre preggy I was 255 and I gained 38 lbs I think it was and 2 weeks ago I lost 28 of it. We'll see I have my four week appt the 9th. I also struggle with my db, he does wake up at 4:30am and doesn't get home till 4:30pm but I still need hlep. I don't remember that last time he's changed a diaper. He hasn't even given the baby a bath yet. I don't mind but it does wear down on me, I dunno how we're going to work the schedule when I go to work. I work 3pm-11pm so our schedules are way different, it's going to be a challenge. WOn't be going back to college this fall, it will be too hard. So I'm going to wait until next fall, I was going to get my RN in nursing but I dunno if I want to do that anymore. lol. Yea so I dunno what I want to be when "I grow up". gotta go



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