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$weetne$$ - December 29

Hiya...i jus wanted everyones views and opinons on dis subject. I was wondering what everyone views were on having children when u are 'younger' (ie around the ages of 18 to 25) to as the 'older' first time mother (ie around the ages of 35 to 45)...putting aside having a roof over your head or ur finansial status...i was wanting to know your view on the physical aspect of it and the effects on ur body etc etc...thanx for any replies ;o)


Anon - December 29

Well your body can handle it better at a younger age ( NOT the ages of 13- 17) but 18-30 seems to be the best. Umm, 35- 45 can pose some health risks to the mother and the baby. So, my opinion would be the younger age for health reasons. Older age for knowledge =p


Shannon - December 29

I wouldnt get pregnant at a younger age just for the health benefits...I'm 20 and just had a miscarriage.


KM - December 29

Younger I would say is definitely better, if by all means you are ready for it in all aspects. Because as you get older you are at greater risk for down syndrome and other genetic problems. Also your body can handle it better, and recovery is also probably easier. Also I think a nice benefit is that you are younger and able to do more things with your child because you will have more energy, and then when your child is grown up and moved out you are still young enough to enjoy the rest of your life and the time to yourself. I suppose I am kind of biast tho because I just had my first and im only almost nineteen.


Oldie from Australia - December 29

I think its up to the individual. Like myself, some women are having children later in life. I am 38 and had a 20 year career before having my first child at 37 (now 17mo) with another due in 7 weeks time. My husband and I are both fit and healthy. Yes, there are less years to retirement, but I think there are definite advantages to having your children later. Firstly, I have travelled extensively. I have reached my career goal and now don't feel the pressure to return if I don't want to. I also think I am more mature and emotionally ready to raise a young family than I would have been 10 - 15 years ago. Each to their own!


:) - December 30

my first child was 16. i am now 18 with my second. i wouldnt recomend having a child untill about 24 ish or older. but as you get older you are also at more risks, so i would have to say from 24-35 would be the ideal time. hope this answers your question


PJ - December 31

It all depends on your situation. Some younger people aren't at all living healthy lifestyles, while people in their forties or even fifties are perfectly fit and able to produce and birth healthy children. I had my son at 21 (planned), and am happy with that decision, but many people my age that I know of aren't ready, physically or otherwise.


$weetne$$ - January 1

very interesting answers everyone ;o)


Lisa - January 1

I have 4 children. the first one at 21, the last one at 29. (first marriage). I am now 39 and having another child, there is little or no difference, apart from the fact that i am probably 'feeling' this pregnancy more and my body isn't as toned as it used to be. There is a risk with any pregnancy, regardless of age. I think i will enjoy and appreciate this baby more than i did as a younger mum.


Dez - January 2

well I just had my first now at 21 and I am content with that age, I dont think I could of physically handled it earlier (I would of if I had too) and I dont think I want to have anymore after I turn 30, but who knows my views may change later in life, but for right now I think 20-30 are good ages.


AmyAnn - February 28

younger is nicer!!!!


Coco - February 28

Definately younger, u don't want ur child to hang out with a granny but rather a young mom.And by the time the child is old enough for outdoor activities,if u have them old after 2 hrs of activities u'll need a nap lasting 5 hrs !! I'm just kidding ,but i think younger is better !


Tina - February 28

There is a stigma attached with being too young and having a child. People just a__sume you aren't prepared and got "knocked up." My cousin had one child at 25 andone at 36 and said she had WAY more patience and money at 36 than at 25. She said people almost took pity on her when she was 25 and having her first so young. I was 30 and enjoyed my husband (still do) prior to having a baby. I think age is a number though and it's all in how you feel and what you can personally handle.


Heidi - February 28

I think it just depends on the person. I am 30 and all of my high school girlfriends were married right out of high school and started having kids right away. They are ALL divorced now. I can count 6 or 7 that had what I thought were great marriages but they all said they married too young and wished they would have waited. I think it just depends on what you want and when you want it. My friends missed out on a lot of things and always said I was lucky because I got to do the stuff I always wanted to do before I got pg. I'd say after 25 is good because you at least can get through college and get a good job and take care of yourself if you end up divorced. Seems like divorce is happening to easily these days!


rose - February 28

i had my first at age 18 and my second at age 21...i am now trying for a 3rd at age 25...i like being a young mom...we grow together...tina is correct in a__suming how your treated, i had a very hard time last year with my daughters kindergarten teacher...she spoke to me in a way that she would not have if i were an older mom and she also singled out my daughter in the cla__sroom...i did miss out on any alone time with my husband but i wouldnt change a thing...our children bring us so much joy! we are a very happy young family!!!


It's your decision - March 1

No one can answer what is the right time. Someone may be 25 and another may be 35. It's a tough job but a very rewarding one. There are absolutly benefits to either age group. Good luck!


melissa - June 1

How do yu have s_x, and do yu need to have s_x to have a baby?



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