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LadyD - May 2

I already asked this question on a different forum but I figured I may get more responses over here. Anyway... I have a 32 day cycle, on time always, lmp was 4/14, next af due 5/16, according to Mymonthlycycles.com, I am supposed to ov around 5/1, with a luteal phase of 14 days. On Sat, (cd16), at 4a.m. I had spotting,I wiped a few times and it wasn't much, after that nothing. I have been monitoring my body the last few months & last month on cd10, I had the SAME spotting at 1.a.m. I am assuming this is due to ovulation. I don't want to get opk's and all that just yet, I'll wait a lil longer before I start spending extra $$. My question is: If I see that spotting, which is light red and only lasts for that moment, did I ov ALREADY, am I ABOUT to ov, or am I ov at THAT EXACT TIME? Of course, I bd'd immediately just in case, but I have a strange feeling that maybe you ov before this blood comes down. Any advise or opinions are welcome and yes I know every woman is different.


LadyD - May 8



CKSAN - May 8

I never bled during ovulation. But I could always tell I was about to ovulate by my cervical mucus. Have you tried that? Do you know what to look for?


tiffiny090180 - May 8

I never spotted, But have read in several health books and on several sites that some women spot when ovulating.


amylei7 - May 8

I have been experiencing the same thing. I have an OPK that I have been using for 2 weeks. I was spotting about 2 days ago but my OPK didn't detect the ovulation. I've had trouble in the past with getting lines to show up (I have been pregnant before and it didn't register on a PT). I think I might be ovulating, because I have a 2nd line that's almost as dark as the control line with my particular OPK. You're not alone.


LadyD - May 8

I had a lot of cm on cd20, so it has me thinking that the blood was a warning that ov was coming. It's not uncommon for women to bleed during ovulation (if you type ovulation bleeding at the top, you'll run into a forum that a bunch of women have been posting the same questions on). On cd23, I had bleeding again but I think this type it may have been due to deep penetration. **TMI** The only difference this time was that it dripped into my panties, like 3 spots. What do y'all think that could've been? And I have never in my entire life had as much gas as I've had in the last few days. Don't know if it could be related, but I'd like your opinions.


CyndiG - May 8

LadyD, I never spotted, but I knew the day I ovulated, because I would have the worst abdominal pain! I actually went to the dr (right after I stopped b/c and before I realized what it was) because I thought I had a terrible uti! I kept a calendar and wrote down every little thing I could, and after about 3 months I had a pattern. Try that, then just bd every other day the week you ovulate. Even if you miss it by one day, you'll still hit it. I conceived in two months. Good Luck!!!!


LadyD - May 10

Thank you, Cyndi. My stomach is still ga__sy/crampy, and nothing is coming out. I don't know, I'll just wait and see.



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