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Jami - November 20

I'm just wondering how people who weren't planning on getting pregnant ended up getting pregnant. Were you on birth control pills, using condoms, using the withdrawal method, etc.?


Linda - November 20

For my 1st 3 kids i was on the pill and for my 4th i was on Depo. This pregnancy was planned.


Wow, Linda! - November 20

The first 3!? I don't understand why you kept trusting it! Congrats on all of them, though.


Lilly - November 20

I was just using withdrawal method.... stupid....... i was totally shocked!!! But now that I look back I should have been more responsible


Phae - November 20

With my first kid I was naive enough to think that I wouldn't get pregnant the first time I had s_x, but I've known lots of girls who've gotten pregnant with all sorts of birth control. This time I was b___stfeeding, but we wanted to have a second kid so it wasn't accidental.


Erin - November 20

I got pg on the pill (taken faithfully), but m/c pretty early. My friend got pg twice on the pill. Her second was conceived while still b___stfeeding her first before she'd gotten her first post-partum af! She's pg again, this time with a failed "withdrawal".


Michelle - November 20

I got preg with my first using the pull out method and am preg with the second after being one Tri-cyclen, I never missed a day or was ever late taking it. I wouldn't change anything though.


MeM - November 20

I was taking ortho tri cyclin lo and I ran out of pills. IT was time for my annual so before they would fill them I had to go to the gyno. ANywya I was off the pill 3 weeks and I got pregnant. But after takign the pill for 2 years I didnt' think going off for a couple of weeks would matter but it did. But I'm so excited now!


Jamie - November 20

I wasn't doing anything at all - I had been told I wouldn't be able to conceive, so I wasn't worried about b.c. Apparently, my doctor was wrong about my ability to conceive a child.


Dawn - November 20

I got pregnant but not trying nor were we being careful to prevent it. I came off the pill about 2 1/2 years ago. He never pulled out nor were we careful. I had very irregular periods and had to take provera almost every month to have a period. My last period was Oct 25th 2004. I kept saying I needed to take the provera but never did. Then in January o5 3 months with NO PERIOD I got pregnant. He is 5wks amd precious. I would not take anything for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


newmomma - November 20

i'm pretty sure that you can get pregnant any way as long as you're having s_x... some circ_mstanses would make it far more diffecult to become pregnant, but most anything's possible... for me it was one night we didn't use a condom (i don't use the pill). however, i am very fortunate in that i have been with my man for over 3 years in a commited common-law relationship, with plans for marrage.


Dee - November 22

I had an accidental pregnancy with my son. I have very irregular periods, had been on bc in the past but havent taken any in a long time. My fiance was told by Dr's that there was a high probability that he would never have kids. He went thru a growth program when he was 5 and had 178 shots of anibolic steroids to help him grow, 5 shots will make average size man sterile. So in the beginning we either used condoms or pull out. Then we got lazy and stopped using either. For some reason the thought of getting pregnant never even entered my mind or his. We have an adorable 2yr old now, and are ttc now.


Cutie - November 22

I was using the "fertility awareness method," where you track your body's signs to know when you ovulating. But due to the stress of getting married, my system was all out of whack, and I missed the signs that I was ovulating. So many people have told me I shouldn't have trusted it to begin with. What I keep to myself is that it worked great for the three years before we got married!! But I'm not sorry. Unplanned does not mean unloved!


Terra - November 22

My first child was not planned, but she was a "surprise" not an accident, and I was still happy when I found out. This second pregnancy is planned.. and happy about this one too


Dee - November 23

I just wanted to be clear that I didnt mean my son was an accident. THe pregnancy, by all means, was an accident, but he was truly not a mistake.


Bobbi - November 23

My Boyfriend was apparently not able to have kids..Im glad that wasnt true:)


C - November 24

I'm 31 weeks and Mine was a accidental pregnancy. I was using the nuvaring. But I can't imagine my like w/o her.



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