Quot Hello Quot To All My Girls Out There

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Heavenly - March 26

I have been out of the mix for a while and just wanted to say "hi". How is everyone??? ~m~, E, Dez, KM, Momof3 are ya out there??? Holla!


!!!! - March 26

Here we go again with the cliques!!!!


Dez - March 27

Hey heavenly how are you doing E had her baby a few days ago. Where and how have you been everything is ok here the baby ana is getting big. www.babyana.piczo.com let me know how things are with you


Dez - March 27

Oh and by the way !!! who every you are dont be mad because you werent apart of "all my girls"


To Dez - March 27

You have a wonderfull baby... She is very pretty..!


~m~ - April 4

Hey Heavenly! This is the first day I've been on in forever! How are things with you? Hey Dez, I just saw your e-mail in another post, and I put it in my address book along with E and tiffani. Talk to you guys later!


CC - April 4

Hi Heavenly, ~m~,E,Dez,KM, and Momof3 How are you ladies?


Ummmmm - April 6



cheezy poof - April 7

how iz everyone today?


tiffani - April 7

Heavenly~ I was diagnosed with gall stones when I was pregnant with my first. Apparently it's very common for the gall stones to act up when we're pregnant. I had my gallbladder removed 2 months after I had the baby. The surgery is done laproscopically with 4 tiny incisions. You'll be down and out for about a day and a half, but will recover quite quickly. Just thought i'd share some info. Glad to see mom's leaving, now if the dogs would just mind their P's and Q's....... :o)


Heavenly - April 7

Hey Tiffani :o) Thank u for the info. I have been quite scared about the whole thing. More stress is all I need. Does it hurt at all????? Yes Mom is going bye bye.......the dogs are better but they are still being little a__s holes every now and then. The boy dog wants to p__s all over. I wanna ring his neck!


Heavenly - April 7

Tiffani-that's my Mom! She putts thru life on poot cloud. I actually took her to the dr the other day and when she got out of my car she farted on me! I thought I was seriously going to spew chuncks! I am sick just thinking back on it. Well the whole surgery thing does scare me a bit but the pain med thing sounds nice. I haven't been drunk or high in a long a__s time so anything that gives me a near buzz would be awesome ;o)


Heavenly - April 7

I mean mere buzz, lol, I am toasted from being tired. My husband is cracking me up too. He is a kaoroke dj and he is playing with his equipment. He has been singing to me. Right now he is goofing off singing one of my favs.....The Humpty Dance, lol.



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