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Cookie - October 15

if your skinny will your pregnancy show fast then others who are thicker. And if so how long does it take for u to start showin(if skinny)


hi - October 15

yes you will.and it depends on just how skinny you are on how fast you'll notice the belly growing.i'd say around 8weeks you'll look bloated.around 12-14 you should have a belly .least thats the way it was for me.i began pregnancy almost 20 pounds underweight.good luck


My answer - October 15

I think it may be a case of each persons body and how they react to their best friend was due within a week of me and she didn't show at all! (She's the skinny one). We went to the same birthing cla__s and the instructor thought she was my partner when we walked in the door because I was obviously preg. and she didn't look it at all! The good news for her?... no expensive maternity clothes, no stretch marks, no weight to lose... did I mention that I hate this woman?!


soleil - October 16

Hey, well for me i was considered underweight at 101lbs 5'2 before becomming pg. I did not look pregnant til i was almost 7 mo. even then i just looked like i was about 3mo pg. I didnt really have to buy maternity clothes, i would just buy large reg. shirts, and i had to buy XS maternity pants from old navy cuz other stores only carried S which was too big for me. Though I did gain 52-55 lbs during pregnancy, i just looked like i was getting fat from the waist down. I wish I had been bigger though.


Marie - October 17

To my answer-Did your friend gain any weight? If the baby has already been born, was it okay and how much did it weigh?


val - October 17

It all depends on your body. Just because one skinny person shows sooner doesn't mean we all will. I'm short and skinny, and I'm in my 15th week and I have a pooch from the uterus pushing everything else up and out, but nothing really noticeable, not like a nice round belly or anything...


B - October 17

It really depends on your body shape. I'm a pretty pet_te girl (5'1, regularly size 7/8 pet_te) and pretty much felt it the day I conceived! LOL! Okay, maybe not that far, but it does seem that 8 weeks you'll get a little bump and fill out a bit.


to Cookie - October 17

When I was pregnant with my son I was 91lbs at 19. I never showed that much. People did not know I was pregnant. At the end of the pregnancy I weighed 117llbs. My son was 6lbs3oz. Pretty big for a small person.



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