Very Light Periods

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manda - September 2

my periods used to be regular up utill July 28th(every 28 days). Then on august 1st I got what I think was a period, I only bleed for 1 day then it was mainly brown. Then I bleed on August 9th again(only for one day) then I bleed again on August 27th (again it was only on day). One my august 9th period it was pitch black. I'm real confused. I am s_xualy active. Do you think that I could be pregnant? or is there just something wrong with my periods? any advice would help


manda - August 30

please, any input would help


manda - August 30



Mary - August 30

It doesn't sound to me like you're pregnant, maybe low on iron or stressed. But I don't know for sure should definitely get it checked out.


manda - August 31

Thanks mary, anymore replies would be helpful


MANDA - August 31



manda - August 31

please answer


Vicky - August 31

Have you taken a HPT? I would try that to set your mind at ease if anything. You can lightly bleed and still be pregnant. I spotted throughout my entire pregnancy.


manda - August 31

thanks vicky. Any one else have more advice? I have no health insurance


MANDA - September 1



Tracy - September 1

yeah manda it has happened to me i use to be heavy until last dec then a would bleed for only 1day or a few hours how old are you?


manda - September 1

I'm 21 and I am 5 months post if this helps.


Jess - September 1

Hello Manda From reading your post it sounds like you could have experienced what is called implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding (from what I have read) is bleeding that occurs about 5 to 12 days after conception, when the fertilized egg burrows itself into the lining of the thickened uterus. As the egg implants itself it may cause some shedding of the lining to sloth off and drain out of the v____a and onto your underwear. The amount of bleeding ranges from spotting to a normal period, and lasting for only a few hours to days. The colour of blood is said to range from being slight pinky tinge to down right black. The darker the blood the older it is (this is from my nursing training). I would suggest testing for pregnancy. Also I would recommend talking with your doctor about any concerns you may have with regards to your period or possible pregnancy. I hope this helps. Good Luck Manda


manda - September 2

thanks jess



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