War In Iraq

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karine - November 17

I have been reading and posting alot of post for a couple of months now, i love coming here. it relaxes me when the kids nap. But i have noticed that their is alot of wives that are sad due to this war and hubby not being part of the baby's life and important thing. MY HEART GOES OUT to you all. I woudnt be able to go through any of what your going through. i admire all of you. And i wish i would have the streight to be like you.


mellissa - November 17

karine, thank you so much for your kind words. I am a military wife and I just found out I am pregnant (5 weeks tomorrow). My husband is leaving right after Christmas to go back to Iraq so he will miss most of my pregnancy and a few months after. I count myself lucky this time because he left in january of '04 when our daughter was just 4 months old and didn't return till she was 17 months old!! So he missed out on so much. A lot of us wives knew that there was a chance our hubby's would be deployed, but it still doesn't take away from the sadness and fear. Thank you so much for what you said, it's nice to hear something other than "why are you so sad, you knew this would happen?!?!" every once in a while!!


*X* - November 18

I'm very sorry to hear that your husband has to participate in this disaster of a war. I wish you and him the best. May he return home safe.


Lisa - November 18

I wish you all the best Mellissa and a safe return for your husband. Mine was gone only two weeks for a business meeting and I missed him terribly; but it pales next to what you have to endure. For someone to say "You knew this would happen" is very insensitive and has nothing to compare to what you are going through.


js - November 18

I am a military wife and I take offense to your comment *X* - this is NOT a "disaster of a war". It is a LOT more then you will ever understand. It's nice you have an opinion and want to express it, but I find it rude.


Jamie - November 18

js, get over yourself. Her comment is well-intentioned, and therefore NOT rude. Yours, however, is. I too am a military wife, and am also a former soldier. Fortunately, my husband has not and will not deploy, and I chaptered before my unit deployed.


Dustie - November 18

God bless all of you who have been involved in the war or have family or friends who have been involved. You all should be extremely proud, this is a just war and God will pull us all through.


mellissa - November 19

the war in iraq if obviously a very emotional and intense topic for just about everyone. I personally, have chosen not to take a side on it. I love my husband dearly and I support him and our troops. I have respect for our government and although I don't agree with some things they may do, I try not to a___lyze hidden reasons behind them. My daughter is going to learn about this war when she is in high school, and she is going to be able to proudly say that her dad is a hero. That is all that matters to me, honestly. My husband told me a story about a little three year old boy who climbed up onto his tank and was talking to him, though nobody could understand what he was saying. My husband gave him a bag of skittles and that little boy climbed off the tank and walked down the street proudly showing everyone what "the american" gave him. My husband is not an emotional man, but I could hear in his voice how much that touched him. And if he can make a difference in one little boy's life while he is there, then I think he did his duty, and I love him more for it. I hope everyone can respect each other's opinions, because there are a lot of countries (iraq being one of them for a long time) where your opinion could get you killed.


hi - November 19

I have a friend who's husband was over there when it first started and she went through her whole pregnancy alone, like many other wives have. But, her husband-as it just so happened-was given the rest of the time on a calling card from his friend. He called right then-ironically she was in labor with their first born and he got to kind of be there for it!! I thought that was cool!


mellissa - November 19

i've heard of women being able to schedule to have their hubby's video teleconferenced into the delivery room. i think it would take an extremely understanding cammander to allow that to happen, which i think are few and far between. i'm just happy my hubby isn't going to miss the entire first year of this baby's life!!


*X* to ? - November 19

Ok, I was certainly not trying to start a debate on the topic, as ? is, but then again, you can't expect to start a thread on the war on a public forum and not have it turn into a debate. So on with it. ?, *of course* there are fewer deaths in the war. As technology develops, there are always fewer and fewer deaths. But how does that justify the war to begin with? You're walking down a huge slippery slope with that argument. The same thing with your Bosnia and WWII arguments. Germany wasn't attacking us, but they were attacking others. Bosnia? People were being slaughtered. Iraq? What was the justification there? A slaughter that happened almost 20 years ago, *before* Gulf War I, and a weapons program that doesn't exist. Over 25,000 people have died, and you say it's ok, because it wasn't 250,000? That's just disgusting.


Jamie - November 19

*X*, how would you like to be told that you were risking your life, or your husband was risking his life, for a pointless endeavor? Yes, you're ent_tled to your opinion, but I'm afraid you're sharing it with the wrong group of people.


*X* to Jamie - November 19

So, soldiers and their wives shouldn't think critically about the war, because it hurts to think that it might not be for a good cause? Come on, don't be silly. On the contrary, the soldiers and their wives have a particular responsibility to think most critically about it, because whatever conclusion they come to, in favor or against it, holds infinitely more sway over any politician than a bunch of protesting hippies or pro-war bumper stickers.


to X - November 19

please don't come here starting your arguments. this is a sensitive subject for everyone-expecially those who have loved ones fight-we don't need this here- we already deal with the stress of having people we love away from us and come here to see if anyone else is experencing the same, so if you don't like this topic-don't come here. take your believes to a political site and argue. thanks....


*X* - November 19

I didn't start any argument. ? did. And quit with your arrogant and pathetic a__sumption that if someone is against the war, they must not have any loved ones fighting, because I do.


Jamie - November 20

*X*, you probably have a second cousin twice removed fighting in Iraq. As I said before, you're ent_tled to your opinion - that's the beauty of America - but you're probably sharing it in the wrong place.


yeah - November 20

I want to believe you X, but that is hard....it is hard to take a stance when your loved one is fighting. You are asking some of us to be critical of it? So they die for all the wrong reasons? if you really knew, I don't hink you would be the way you are......and I can presume all I want.



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