A Baby Story

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Dez - November 4

does anyone watch A baby story on The Learning Channel. its pretty cool you see the couples talking about there pregnancy, and then you see them give birth to there babies (its not super graphic they block out body parts you shouldnt see on tv, lol. I like watching it. Its funny how pregnancy has you emotional, I cry everytime I see there babies born, lol. my bf thinks im nuts, I would never have cried before i was actually pregnant myself, and knowing soon that would be me. Oh another question kinda off subject, but did any of you get emotional when you watched your ultrasound, or everytime you here the babies heartbeat on the doppler, lol. I finally found out what tears of joy mean.


m - November 4

Yeah, I love that show. I was completely addicted when I was pregnant! If I wasn't going to be home to watch, I recorded it. It's awesome! It's funny, when I had my c-section, my husband said, "Baby, that looked just like it does on your shows." He watched with me. He enjoyed getting to see what he was going to be watching. I also watched Birth Stories. And about your second question, you aren't alone. My hubby and I both cried during ultrasound. And every time I went and heard the heartbeat, I got a tear of joy just knowing that another person was in there totally depending on me. It is the best feeling!


Shannon - November 4

I got to see my baby for the first time yesterday...I was amazed! I'm only 5 weeks and my "baby" looks like a bean...but its the most adorable bean I've ever seen!


Dez - November 4

yeah its crazy howl your emotions get, I have cried for things i never thought I would (even watching people get married) I use to think people were nuts, lol.


KM - November 4

I used to watch baby story all the time before I got pregnant and I never used to cry and now I cry everytime the baby is born lol.The birth stories on the life network are good too.I cry at Oprah all the time too.I didn't cry for my ultrasound, because I think i was still in shock that I made a baby lol. It was really amazing . My bf didn't say one word during the ultrasound and was super quiet after too lol I think it scared the c___p out of him lol he said it was a huge reality check and he got nervous


Dez - November 4

yea my bf said the pregnancy didnt really hit him until he saw the ultrasound, and actually seen the baby in there. it gave him a wake up call for sure


Aria - November 5

I freak out my fiancee sometimes when I'm watching those shows. He walks in the room and I'm bawling my eyes out and he doesn't have a clue why until he looks at the tv lol



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