A Bit Nervous In Pregnancy

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Jane - December 16

Hi, just wondering if anyone feels or felt similar...I am 16 weeks pregnant and very excited to be. Some days I feel pregnant and some days I dont. I am quite nervous and anxious but often feel a secret sense of pleasure at being pregnant and that this time it seems to be going ok. I worry about symptoms I have, which are apparently normal. I think I just want to hear other women have felt a bit anxious, like me. Thanks everyone.


Christine - December 16

Oh Jane it is completely normal...this is my 3rd, and I am still almost as anxious as I was with my first...its understandable...we have almost no control over the situation...besides doing everything as healthy as possible...your going to be fine...and so is that little baby inside you...and remember its completely normal...good luck


r - December 16

Hi Jane. I, like you, have days that I feel pregnant and days that I don't. I’m about 7 weeks along, so it's good to hear that there are others out there like me. :o) some of my symptoms have been on and off. for example my b___sts were very soar and even swollen at the beginning , but now they seem to be fine (I'm hoping the b___st things is not a bad sign). And for the last couple of days I have nausiouse feeling in the morning when I get up. I worry all the time hope this time around everything will be fine with the pregnancy (I had a mc a couple of months ago) and hope that we have a healthy baby. I wish the same for you…you are at 16 weeks now and in the ‘safe’ zone. Just take good care of your self and you and your baby will be fine. :o)


CM - December 16

YES!! I feel the same as you quite often. Somedays i wake up and dont feel pregnant at all! I am 23 weeks along right now and the anxiety does get better! I know how you feel this is my first pregnancy and i was constantly worried but things got better when i had my first ultrasound around 20 weeks and was able to see for myslef that things were ok. When i saw that little heart beating it was sooo rea__suring!!! And it gets even better when you start to feel baby move more frequently! Everytime he moves i just smile because its a good sign!! Dont worry yourself too much!!!


Jane - December 21

If any of you come back to this, I just want to say, THANK YOU! and Merry Christmas. x



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