A Breast Nipple Question

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Becca - April 22

I know I hate asking things like this, but you women are awesome and I know I will get an answer. I dont usually get br___t soreness before my period. And up until now I didnt really think I was pregnant. But in the past 2-3 days my nipples are VERY sensitive. Not my br___t, just my nipples is that normal. I have a doctors app. on April 27th to find out what is wrong with me, but up until now I didnt think I was pregnant now I am starting to question it. I am several weeks late on my period. I have already had a blood and urine test done at the doctors and they were neg. They also checked everything else like my red & white blood cells, & thyroid). I was thinking maybe I have cysts, because that is one of the other things they havent checked for. I have mentrual like cramps, very bloated, br___t kinda enlarged, I have had these for a little over a month. Until the whole nipple tenderness I didnt think I was pregnant. Can someone tell me if they have VERY senstive nipples and if so are you pregnant, and how many weeks. I really appreciate it. I


Zoe - April 22

Does anyone know the answer to this I have sensitive nipples also.


Mimi - April 22

You already had a blood test and your neg. Your several weeks late? I don't think your pregnant. But you should find out why you haven't had your period. Did you ask your Doctor? Is it usually abnormal? I am 18 weeks pregnant and I have had very sore b___sts and now only have very sore nipples. I tested positive on a pee test being only 4 days late.


Becca - April 22

I went to the doctor last week, she said to come back in two weeks for another test. They did alot of blood work to make sure I didnt have anything wrong with me. I didnt think anything about being pregnant until I started to get VERY sensitive nipples. Thanks for responding Mimi. The only thing I asked her was to do all the tests possible, and that if I could have a tubal pregnancy and have neg. tests. She said usually you cant, but it could accure. She told me if I started have several abdominal pain to go straight to the emergency room. Then she told me to come back in 2 weeks.


~S~ - April 22

Hmmm..it could be possible that you might be pregnant. I remember one of the very first symptoms I had very, very early on in my pregnancy was extremely sensative nipples. Mind you, I didn't have sore b___sts at all (until a few weeks later) but my nipples were so sore that they couldn't be touched, even having a shower with the water stream hitting them, hurt (this still happens from time to time) My nipples felt like they were on fire or something, like a very uncomfortable tingling feeling. I remember laying in bed when i first felt it, it kind of all of a sudden came on. I was like "Oooooowwwww what the hell" When I told my bf what was going on, he gave me that look like "Uh-oh, your pregnant!!!" I didn't believe him at all and just thought that my period was due to come any time. But needless to say, I was indeed pregnant, apparently I was only about 2 weeks at the time of that symptom.


Becca - April 22

Thanks ~S~. Thats exactly how I feel. My DL touched them lastnight I freaked out. In the shower this morning I couldnt let the water touch them. My b___st do not hurt at all. My nipples are killing me. I can barely wear a bra.


~S~ - April 22

Yup, that's how I was for sometime, especially in the beginning. I'm now almost 22 weeks and they're still sensative from time to time. But that tingle/burning sensation has gone.


Bump - April 26



Mimi - April 26

Becca, Let me know what they say. I go to the doctors tomorrow (27th) to get my 2nd. sonogram. When was your last period? Are your periods usually regular? Let me know.


LL - April 26

I have pregnancy symptoms also, but the tests were neg. They did bloodwork for red&white cells and that was also neg. They checked me for cysts and tumors also negatives, but my stomach is still hard and big with no period(5 months now). big heavy b___sts, white bumps, leaking clear fluid from both b___sts, areola looks darker, and blue veins. going back to the doctor tomorrow hope they can tell me something.



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