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rns91294 - July 11

Okay, my husband and I just miscarried and were told to wiat one normal cycle before TTC. We want to try as soon as we can. I never took my body temp or tracked ovulation (I have always been a bit irregular), so does anyone have any tips? I hear trying every other day is good to allow the sperm count to get back up in 48 hours. Do those ovulation tests help, or do you need to track body temp? And last, we were thinking of going away the beginning Sept and go horseback riding. If I got pregnant before we went, but did not know yet, could the horseback riding cause any problems? Thanks.


Fatima - July 12

My friend miscarried and was told that she had to wait a year. But that was because she had hereditary problems where her cervix wasnt strong enough to hold the baby so it had to get strong again. I dont know why you miscarried but I guess every case is different. But she didnt even wait a year, only a couple of months and her baby is now 2 years old.


Been There - July 12

I had a miscarriage in September and was pregnant again in November with my first regular cycle. Honestly, I had given up trying. I believe we just kept having s_x quite often, just because. I would suggest that you don't use temp charts or waste money on ovulation predictor for a little while because they just add stress. Just keep having s_x at least every other day all month following your AF ending. It's good for sperm to be sitting there ready and waiting anyway. It's funny, I suffered secondary infertility twice in my life. After two years of trying each time, it was when I decided to stop all that tracking and charting, etc. that I got pregnant. The bottom line is, it's the s_x (and I believe enjoying it) that makes it happen, so how can it hurt to just do that for a while. Then if you see after a few months you may need more help, you can start with the tracking. Horseback riding shouldn't cause any problems. The baby will be too tiny and too protected for it to make a difference. I do think that in some instances it's not trying hard that makes it work. Plus, you have a better chance of conceiving and the pregnancy going to full term this time. Good luck and let us know when you get the BFP!


Beth1 - July 12

After my last miscarriage, my OB informed me to have intercourse the tenth day after your period starts to the 20th day. Have intercourse every other day through those ten days. I have to say that it is exciting at first but my the 20th day, my husband and I were very tired. However, we are pregnant! Good Luck!


rns91294 - July 12

Thanks everyone! Sorry to hear of your losses, and congrats for being pregnant as well! The thing that makes this hard is that my period is irregular. Like once every other month, so who really knows when I ovulate. Before getting pregnant, I had three regular cycles. I pray they stay regular. When I was pregnant, I had issues of not wanting to be. I was a wreck. But now that this happened, I realize how much I want this and really REALLY hope it doesn't take long to happen again. I fear I may miscarry again, but I pray I can go on to full term. Today would have been my first dr visit, so I am a bit depressed. My husbad seems to be as well. He was really excited. I was lucky, I didn't have bad cramping or heavy bleeding. I just can not wait to get pregnant again. I keep feeling my belly like something is there, but deep down, I know there isn't. So everyone, please keep your fingers crossed for me that I get pregnant by the end of the year!!!!!



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