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Kori - April 6

Ok, about a week ago my spouse and I had unprotected s_x. I am only 15 years old. It was clear that he did release while having s_x. Very clear. I don't know how long I had been off my period, I know it was well over two weeks. Well, since then I have felt very hungry, sick but I don't puke, and very tierd. I don't know if it is my nerves or if I am possibly pregnate. I have had slight cramping also. My br___ts aren't really tender. Does anyone know when I should get a test? Please, any advice would greatly help.


Misty - April 6

Do you mean by saying your spouse that you are already married? Any test you take before your period is supposed to come will most likely be negative so I would just wait (hard as it is) until your period is supposed to come and if it doesn't then take a hpt. And if you don't know positively that this guy was never with anyone else before you then I would use protection from now on for the main reason of protecting myself from STD's. There are some really bad things out there that you can catch from a guy, (herpes, AIDS, ghonnorea) that you should really be scared of. Having unprotected s_x, especially at such a young age, is a very serious thing that you should think very very hard about doing. P.S. If he says that wearing a condom makes it not as sensitive for him and he doesn't want to wear one because of it then he doesn't really care about you and all he wants is the s_x. You need to protect yourself.


sorry - April 6

sorry if I am judging wrong..again sorry but you don't sound 15..your vocab is very mature..I am not saying that girls at 15 are stupid but they usually dont talk so properly again there may be many girls who do, so excuse me...also why would you have to tell us that you are 15 that has nothing to do with the question.. again everything is possible in this forum..so it can just be a joke and if not you should get tested after you miss your first period...and I don't think you are going to have any symptoms..bec. is too early


Foxy - April 7

There's nothing you can do except wait and see if your next period comes. If it's late by about a week, buy a test.


grandma - April 7

sence you are young take your b___t to the doctor.


jena - April 7

grandma, could you be nicer?


kiki - May 3

i have questoins on birth control i try to ask ?'s on other websites no1 responds to me i need help..thanks


Lissi - May 3

Where is it legal to get married at 15???



hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhaahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! please another joke!


concerned - May 4

for those of you who think this is a joke maybe you should read some new info. the age in which young girls now a days have s_x for the first time is at 15 or 16, their first s_xual encounter is usually with someone a bit older than them. I was having s_x by 16 not unprotected but i was active, im still with the same man 7 years later and we are just having our first child. this girl needs advice from us who are older and more experinced instead of making a joke out of her question we should give her important info like misty did. reactions like this is why young girls can't go to there parents for advice of any questions they might possibly have about s_x. get with the program new moms!!!


Alma - May 4

You can get married at 15 as long as your parents approve and sign some papers. My mom was married at 16 years old


kori - June 29

hey, im 16 and have been in the same perdic_ment as you are now... all you can do is wait and see what happens.best of luck and sweety you have your whole life ahead of you so if the test comes back negative, you have already said you where responciable so if you really are next time you have intercouse strap up so you are not in the same mess. i learned my leson. take care


Gina - June 29

Wow, married at 15!!?! ok, yes your nerves can play tricks on you the best thing that I can tell you to do is relax, really relax, stress can actually delay your period- after the first day of your next missed period you can start taking a HPT, but I would like I said-relax, cause you could really work yourself up


KIKI - June 29




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