A Little Prayer A Thread For Everyone

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Mary - 18 days to go - October 11

What about we start a thread where everyone can post their prayers and wishes? I will start!v(If your prayer comes true, remember to post again and thank for it)


Mary - October 11

I pray for starting labor as soon as I reach my 38th week and delivering a healthy baby. I hope my prayers are heard.


Cathy - October 11

I pray that my little one makes it until term, that I will have a healthy happy child and that my dh and I will be good loving parents.


Jessica - October 11

I pray to have a healthy and happy baby boy when I become full term...


Anna - October 11

I pray I get pregnant this month. :)


Jessica - October 11

I pray to that you (anna) get pregnant this month!!!! GOOD LUCK


chelsey - October 11

I pray for everyone to have happy healthy pregnancies, and also pray for those who are unable to conceive, or who have lost a child. I pray for all children, who are already born, conceived or who are just a dream or wish, in a persons heart. Above all, I pray for my childrens lives to always be fulfilled, and happy. I wish for them to always know they are loved.


Lisa - October 11

I am praying for the results of my triple bar test to come back with good results...I think this thread, it's nice.


randi - October 11

i pray to have a healthy baby and that everyone else does too


M.A. - October 11

Thank You Lord, for health and peace. I pray that everyone who is pregnant near and far have strong, healthy bodies themselves, and deliver and raise wise, strong children of God. I pray that the pain and stress of pregnancy and labor is minimal, and that all are at peace. Please guide us all with the wisdom, peace, and patience we will need to raise these children in the right ways. Thank You for allowing us women to have the opportunity to carry, deliver, and raise what You have produced in us. Beautiful miracles! I also pray that others who are less sensitive come to know how to understand wisdom, peace, and love. In the Name of Jesus I pray. Amen!


:) Silly mommy - October 11

I hope to deliver a healthy happy little boy and to have a healthy happy family!


chrissyj - October 11

I pray that I get preg soon and have a healthy baby.


slk 29 weeks - October 12

dear God. i thank you Lord that you gave me this two miracle of life.Thank you father that you have allowed me to feel your wonderful presence through this babies.God i pray that i have healthy babies that grows to become what i never had the chance to become.Bless them while they are still in the womb and protect them.Let them be born full term with no complication.i pray for every womEn that you choose to carry this wonderful miracle,i pray for women that i yearning to fall pregnant that father God hear their cries and blesss them. pray for women that felt that there was no choice and opted to abort the babies,we do not judge cause only you God knew the situation.Forgive and bless them too,the ones that had failed pregnancies-bless them Lord and renew their strength.I pray for all the foetus.embroys,to the babies that are still i the womb waiting to be born,for all the newborns,babies toddlers and all the women that are blessed to make them become better people in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.AMEN


slk 29 weeks - October 12



nikinoo - October 12

I pray that I have a healthy lil bubby boy! and pray that all on this thread recieve what they have prayed for! all though Im not overly religious its nice to just pray sometimes! good luck all...and to slk..that last post was a bit strong...I hope everything is ok with you...baby dust to all...niki


Cathy - October 12

To MA and slk. You prayers were just beautiful and I thank you for them.


M.A. - October 12

Thank you for your encouragement, and God bless you!



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