A Little Prayer A Thread For Everyone

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M.A. - October 12

Thank you for your encouragement, and God bless you!


Ranya - October 12

I pray for a physically and mentally healthy baby and a speedy and not too painful labor. I pray that I can be the best mommy I can be and not make the same mistakes I criticize in other moms. Lastly, may all our prayers be heard!!


Tracy - October 12

I pray for a healthy and happy baby. I also pray for all the women that are pregnant, trying to conceive, or have lost the baby. God has really blessed us with these little miracles, and I am so excited that I will be a mom for the 2nd time.


Marlene - October 12

I pray for a healthy baby when i reach full term-and that I am the best mommy I can be


Ana - October 12

To M.A. Wow! Your prayer is so beautiful. Thank you.


Ana - October 12

SLK Thanks for your wonderful prayer it almost brought tears to my eyes


Maddona - October 12

Say a little prayer for me.


Liz. G. - October 12

After reading these posts I'm crying!! Dear God I pray that my little Emily is born healthy and happy.... and hope her Dad's is always there for her... Amen.


SLK - October 13

A prayer is a convenant between you and God.When you pray loose yourelf and do not be ashamed.The Lord knows already what you want and He shall grant you the wish of your heart if you believe in Him.MARY,CATHY,JESSICA,ANNA,CHELSEY,LISA,RANDI,M.A,SILLY MOMMY,NIKINOO,RANYA,TRACY,MARLENE,ANNA,LIZ AND MADONNA God blessed you already.He alone knew that you will place a little prayer on this board,not for treasures of this world but for the angels that we carry inside,for God to bless us with babies to those of us who yearn so much to fall pregnant.i have seen a miracle of prayer in my life.i have seen God transform bad experiences in my life to blessings.Your friend and even family can destroy you but God will rebuild you.Let bad experienced draw you closer to him,let them make you stonger and tougher and remember the Lord would not give you a heavy burden if He knows that you cannot handle it.bigger is He the one who dwell in us that the one in the world.i pray for all of you and for the others who are still going to join this board."Father just as you have blessed me with miracles after miracle ,i raise my hands and come before your throne,that God bless this women,their family and their jobs.i know i am sinner but it is with yor grace that i am even allowesd to call your precious name.Make a miracle in each of this women's life,i pray in Jesus's name.AMEN.GOD BLESS AL OF YOU AND DO NOT FORGET TO PASS THE BLESSINGS TO OTHERS .


teigan - October 13

i pray that i go full term, im 14 weeks now and after 4 misscarridges all at 8 weeks, things are looking good, i pray the baby will be healthy, and all my family will be ok.. good luck girls x


Tonya - October 13

I pray that I am able to carry this baby to full term, that it may be healthy and happy, and have a better life than I had. I pray for my friend who has had so much trouble concieving, may the Lord bless her abundantly. I pray for all the women who are trying to get pregnant, may the Lord bless them in their efforts to carry out his will. I am so thankful to be a woman, to carry out what is good and perfect. Amen


Tia - October 13

iI pray that i will get pregnant this month and everything runs smothly. And to bless all of those that are still ttc and are pregnant. wishing and hoping every day.....


Charity - October 13

I pray that all you ladies have safe and healthy pregnancies and your babies come out healty. I also pray that my delivery is easy and not horrible like everyone is saying. One wish, I hope my little girl doesn't have her daddy's temper and att_tude. LOL!!


anita - October 13

Please let me carry my child to term and bless me with a healthy, happy baby.


M.F - October 14

I preyed to get pregnat and I came out pregnat......... last I misscaried I was so devastated so this year The Lord blessed me once more Now Im 26 weeks pregnat and pray that I will make it till it's born....


Rose S. - October 14

Dear Lord and heavenly father...I pray that you can reach Joe's heart and open it up to you. That he may realize that all of the things he is doing now are not important and that this life that I carry inside me, which we have created together is #1 priority. Please help lead his heart back to me and to you Lord. I so want us to raise our little boy together in a loving and righteous way. I really need him to come home and be loving and supportive. Please don't let all of this stress that my mind and my body are experiencing negatively affect the baby. Please let him be born healthy and strong. Amen.



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