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gerri - March 16

My 7 year old son told me to keep my legs open so the baby would be a boy. I asked why would that make the baby a boy? He replied girls sit with there legs closed and boys sit with theres' open. So when we found out it was a girl( he was highly upset of course) he said mommy you did not sit with your legs opened wide enough. My thoughts? ( they were open wide enough for me to make this baby!)...........................LOL


liz - March 16

That's hilarious!! Out of the mouths of babes!!! Congrats on your girl. I have a 7 year old and am finally trying for number 2! : 0


gerri - March 16

how sweet Liz, this is # 3 for me and boy was it a surprise! Good luck to you. Hope it happens soon for you. Oh, and thanks I'm excited about my baby girl! My older daughter will be 14 in May! My God !


Jennifer - March 16

HAHA, that is sooo cute!!!! Funny the things they think of. I have a 6 year old son, and he also really wants a boy.


~S~ - March 16

Hahahah that's so cute! I'm forwarding this little message to some of my co-workers, it's too cute to pa__s up.


Liz - March 16

Gerri- I always thought I'd just have one and just as of late I think I am ready for just one more-ha ha! Althought the thought of starting all over again terrorizes me plus I am not getting any younger.Has the large spacing worked for you? Take care and best of luck!


gerri - March 16

actually the spacing worked out great! and not one of my pregnancies were planned, but I must say this one at age 35 really shocked the heck outta me, but over all it's great.Thanks and you should just go for it !!!!! What the heck. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?


Liz - March 16

36 but will be 37 by the time I get this old bod preg. : ) I think the spacing could have it's advantages!When are you due?


Liz - March 16

I have to say out here in suburbia I see ALOT of women mid 30's - 40's that are pregnant. It's just not that unusual anymore. When I was preg before at 29, I remember thinking I was too young-ha! ha!


gerri - March 16

Liz- I am due July15 and it is becoming more and more common for older women to have babies..............LOL that is funny about you at 29! I thought I was still a kid at 21 having my first LOL. If you want it go for it !!!


tara - March 16

This is such a cute thing from a little boy!!! awwww.... :o)


Donna - March 16

Hahaha!! so so cute! the things they come out with are so funny, i could just there all day listening to them tell storys, lol cute little weirdos! :)


bean - March 16

Hey ladies - for those of you who have children 7 years apart... I want to tell you that I think it's awesome. My brother and I are 7 years apart, and honestly, we're the best of friends. He's just graduating undergrad this May, I'm finish grad, and we go to one another for everything - he for career advice and me for computer advice! :) Congrats - it'll be wonderful for your kids!


Liz - March 16

Hey Bean...thanks for that. I have been blessed with one and thought all this time I was done but now I think another just may be in order. That is...if I can get preggers at 36!!!!:)


Alicia - March 16

That is definitely a cute story, reminds me of my little brother one night when he was having a bath, he told my mom that all babies were born with "peckers" (that's what he called his until he was like 4 or 5) and that when the dr spanked the baby to make them cry the "peckers" would sometimes fall off and they became girls then! We all laughed so hard we had tears, he was always really smart and was not even 3 yet when he said this, I should remind him of his theory when I talk to him next! Thanks for the laugh and the memory!


gerri - March 17

Alicia- now that is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! they fall off and become girls how funny. The things our angels say :-)



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