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JLorenzo - February 15

Okay, I am not a pregnant women, but my wife is. She is 7 months and has just been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. She is watching her diet and doing well. However, she has gained more weight than the doctor would like. It is all in the belly and br___ts. If you stood behind her you wouldn't even know she is pregnant. My question is this: the websites say that a women who is 5/3 145lbs should gain no more than 25 lbs. That is ridiculous! How much did you guys gain during pregnancy.


nica - February 15

I am only 5 weeks pregnant, and I've gained four kilos already!! (that's about 8.5 pounds). I have diabetes (not gestational) and was told that diabetic women gain a lot more than normal women during pregnancy.


JLorenzo - February 15

So is additional weight gain necessarily bad for the baby and mom? My Mom gained 60lbs with me. That was before Gestational Diabetes was probably even screened for. Maybe too much awareness is a bad thing?


tiffani - February 15

The ideal weight and the realistic weight are 2 different things. I think the recommended 25lbs was based on a normal, low risk, pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is a whole different story. I had 2 normal pregnancies and gained around 25lbs with one and 30 with the other. That totally amazed me because I ate like a pig. Diabetics also retain a lot of water, which adds lbs. As long as she's eating a healthy diet and taking care of her blood sugars, she should be fine. How much has she gained so far?


JLorenzo - February 15

Tiffani, thanks for the information. She has gained around 30lbs and she is 7 months along. A few months to go though. She is watching her diet more carefully within the last week upon finding out about the GD.


E - February 15

A woman who is 5'3 and 145, pre-pregnancy is already overweight. The 25lbs is right on. I was 5'7 and 128lbs pre-preg and have gained 25lbs. I am 34 weeks. My baby is doing very well in the size department. Good luck with the GD.


tiffani - February 15

8-10 lbs is the average (according to the book "What to Expect WhenYou're Expecting") weight gain in the 3rd trimester. Most of this is put on in the 7th & 8th month. Many women don't gain (and quite often they lose) weight at all in the 9th month. So if your wife were to gain even 15lbs, she would still have only put on a total of 45lbs, which sounds pretty darn good considering the circ_mstances. A side note, it's refreshing and quite sweet to see such a concerned husband. :o)


JLorenzo - February 15

Tiffani, you are like my online psychologist! Thanks again...I love my wife and worry about her and our baby girl. I don't know what I would do without her in my life, so I want to do all I can to help her out...


Julie - February 15

JLorenzo, I say nature provides. I am a very small gal 5' 2" and normally weigh 100 lbs. With my son I gained 50 lbs. I did not have gestational diabetes but I was hungary all the time. I delivered (v____ally) a healthy baby boy and lost all of the pregnancy pounds within 6 months. I am now 6 weeks pregnany and have only gained a couple of pounds but I am sure I will gain more. I say don't worry as long as your doctor thinks everything is OK.


JennyL - February 15

I am currently 33 weeks, gestational diabetic and have gained 2-3 lbs. total. We had an ultrasound yesterday and the baby is right on target at 4.6lbs. and measures exactly what he should at 33 wks. I eat 6 small/med. healthy meals a day for a total of 2000-2500 calories. The objective is to control your blood sugar by having the right combination of servings of protein, carbs & veggies to keep your blood sugar level. Low carbing produces ketosis (a by-product or waste that will cause mental retardation in the fetus) so you do not want to low carb. Eating too many carbs while you are gestational diabetic will cause a HUGE baby (over 10-15lbs) causing the baby to use his own pancreas to produce his own insulin to control the glucose in the blood system. While expecting, the fetus only needs an additional 300 calories and it really isn't that much. It's not a green light to eat everything in the house, so an idea weigh gain of 25 lb. is pretty good. Therefore, you CAN have a normal pregancy without gaining alot of weight


tiffani - February 15

One more thing... I just saw on Entertainment Tonight that the cover of this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine gained over 60lbs. She looked pretty darn healthy to me. :o)


eve - February 15

when i had my son, i gained alilttle over 60lbs, like your wife, standing from behind, you couldn't tell i was pregnant, i didn't have the diabetes, but was a perfect delivery (vag) and he was a healthy baby boy at 7lbs 9 oz. oh and i lost 5 lbs in the 9th month. congratulations, and where can a find a good guy like you LOL.


Marie - February 15

I'm 18 weeks and I weighed 118 and I gained 10 pounds already..its horrid and I'm barely showing..but every pregnancy is different!


stingfan - February 15

I gained only 26 with my first, but I gained 40 something with my 2nd....and here I am only 6 weeks pregnant and gaining already!


JLorenzo - February 16

Thank you all! The advice has been invaluable to my wife and I. She has sworn off soda, cake, cookies and ice cream. And she wants to take walks in the neighborhood all the time, which is good! I would like to keep you all posted on the progress over the next three months if you don't mind?



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