A Man With A Question To Pregnant Females

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Casey - July 11

My ex girl friend is pregnant and she is about 19 days past ovulation. Is is possible to look like your 2-3 months pregnant or evening showing??? More details. Last day of period 9th of June. We had s_x May 29 (unprotected) no period, June 7 (unprotected) on what looked to be a period and the last day of her period was June 9. Had s_x on 14th unprotect but pulled out and her new partner she said 20 and 23 (unprotect) all inside of her. Just don't understand who the kid could belong to and the symptons are sore br___t, very tired, she has the rams, nausea, and very full br___t NOW and a nice size stomach. Please guess who you think it might belong to.


Kara - July 11

Not knowing how long her cycles are, it looks like it might be the person she slept with on the 20 or 23.


Christie - July 11

With bigger b___sts and a fuller stomach, are ya sure shes not been pregnant for a while now?


Harry - July 11

Sounds like she's 3/4 months preg. Do you think you could get a swab of her cervix without her knowing it and send it in for DNA testing?


J - July 11

I was two weeks pregnant, and I was getting fat ( I had a fat role around my stomach) my b___bs were getting bigger and my b___bs hurt like hell. I did sit-ups for two weeks b/c I thought I was just getting fat. went in to the doc and I was four weeks preg. So I guess it's possible everyone is different.


D - July 11

Early bloating can make you look much larger... if the bloating goes away, she should look her normal size for several more weeks. If I a__sume she has regular cycles, and put the LMP you provided into a pregnancy calculator (www.amazingpregnancy.com) the conception date it lists is June 23. Unless that period wasn't really a period (implantation bleeding), it seems it would be most likely the new partners baby.


Mendi - July 12

Im confused on the dates. You had s_x on May 14th? or June 14th? And why is she sleeping with someone unprotected right after you! You better hope if it is your baby she doesnt contact an STD through this new partner. She could pa__s it on to your child! The full stomach is most likely bloating, but your stomach really doesnt show for weeks. She could have had implantation bleeding too instead of a period. Has she taken a test?? If confirmed by a doctor they can help give you a more exact date of conception.


T - July 12




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