A Message To All On This Board

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* - August 16

I have recently browsed through this message board in the hopes of finding answers about becoming pregnant and possibly posting a question of my own on this board. However I am sadden to see that what I find instead of a supportive and caring enivornment is an environment in which individuals insult, lash out and swear at those who are either posting questions or to those responding to questions. Instead of turning against each other, why do we not work together to make this website an inviting place for those who are looking for a place to turn too. Swearing and insulting people only adds further stress and accomplishes nothing. People who come on to this board should come with the notion of assisting with the website's goal of educatiing and supporting those dealing with pregnancy issues. The rule that some message boards have is that its participants treat one another with respect. The participants of this message board should remember that individuals are looking for advice and support, not insults and pursecution.


susan - August 16

I agree with you and i have noticed this as well. I am sad to see this when really its people like one of us in need of help or answers the same as we did and thats what brought us here and them as well. i think that something needs to be done~


kellie - August 16

i would have to agree with the both of you and i am sorry to say that there are many people that dont care about others and that is plainley seen here on this board some people should not post at all i cant believe how many insulting answers and lashing out i see here it is awful


J - August 16

I don't think anyone should get personal on these boards, but you can quite often see why people get angry. When you have girls as young as 12 or 13 having unprotected s_x and getting pregnant and seeming proud of it, or a girl saying she has had X amount of abortions because she can't afford birth control, I can understand why people feel the need to have a go at them. Babies at 12 is not a joke, nor is using abortion as a birth control method. Perhaps people on here don't say what they have to say in the right way - you can't edit posts here so often posts are spontaneous and you can't go back and change them. If these forums required registration, swear words and abuse wouldn't happen.



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