A Question About Prenatals

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bchorinsteinre - March 7

I take a Prenatal pill every morning, I eat as right as i possibly can with exceptions to my pallet..... I have been worrying that it isnt enough, my dr. hasnt said anything about my baby being unhealthy and the heartbeat sounded awsome. I guess my question is can i take extra supliments for vitamins and minerals i may not be getting in my diet or is the prenatal pill enough for my lil one?


kpeck - March 7

I think the prenatal vitamin... if it has iron and at least 800 mcg of Folic Acid is probably enough, especially if you are a good eater. You should ask your doctor, however!


Mommy_to_be - March 7

If you're taking your prenatals and are a healthy eater...it's plenty! Too many vitamins/minerals can actually be bad for you. You're doing great!


bchorinsteinre - March 8

Thank you for your time and answers..... ^_^


SaraH - March 8

The prenatal is probably enough of most vitamins. If you're concerned and want to take something else there are some other things you can look into that should be fine and are good for you and baby (always mention to your doc what you're looking at taking though). First thing that comes to mind is fish oil supplements. The omega-3 fatty acids are essential to the babies brain development and they're really good for you too. Since we have to limit fish in take because of mercury concerns, and a lot of ppl don't eat fish in the first place, the fatty acids are something we often are missing enough of in our diet. Most prenatal vitamins don't contain these oils either so they are good to take. Also taking more Calcium is sometimes needed, especially if you begin to have leg cramps. This isn't a huge issue though as your prenatal should contain a bunch of Ca, and the baby will simply take it from you if your short (which isn't good for your body but the baby wont suffer). You can ask your doc, and Ca isn't really something you can OD on, but your prenatal is probably enough unless your doc wants you to take more, or your having those bad pregnancy leg cramps (which if that's the case your doc might tell you to increase Ca as that is the general thing they say for leg cramps). --Also if you have leg cramps you may need more pota__sium as well, but a banana or dried apricots will supply you with more of that.---- I also took an additional Magnesium supplement for a while during this pregnancy, as I began having BH contractions at 16w's. The Mg helped reduce their frequency and intensity (Mg is hugely important in muscle relaxation and function in the body, as well as in Ca absorption and use). My doc okay the extra Mg just fine, but unless you have a reason you're probably fine just sticking w/ the amount that is in your prenatal. The other thing that is probably okay, is chlorophyll capsules, but again they probably aren't necessary unless you don't eat very many green leafy veggies. Chlorophyll capsules contain exactly that --chlorophyll; which is good in helping your hemoglobin levels (which pertains to your blood and iron levels) as well as helping w/ cell structure and such. However, again it's not necessary to take, it's just something that is good for you if you feel you need more. Eating a lot of green veggies though should provide you with chlorophyll as well. Take to your doc, if you want to about some of these, overall though you and baby are probably just fine. The fish oil is the main thing I'd personally look into (I've taken it my whole pregnancy by the way). Over all the main things to be careful about are how much Vitamin A you get as you can OD on it and too much of vit A can cause birth defects (vit A that is from beta-carotene is safe though, so eating a whole bag of carrots isn't a problem, but if you do take an extra vitamin make sure that it doesn't contain a lot of extra vit A from retinyl palmitate sources). Hope that gave you some ideas. Congrats on your pregnancy, and don't worry over all the prenatal is probably fine. ----By the way you can buy prenatals from a health store/food co-op or from a "natural medicine" type supplier which contain a larger variety of vitamins/minerals then the over the counter prenatals do (some of them have "better" quality vitamins/minerals too. Meaning that the form that the vitamin is in is more easily absorbed by the body and therefore your system can use more of it and expels less of it). Many of those prenatals also contain things like the fish oil too. So you could also look into some of those, but they will be more spendy -and again always check w/ your doc if you decide to switch or add something to your diet.



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