A Sour Craving I Have

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Rhonda - July 15

I am 7wks"i think" and here lately i have these terrible cravings for lemon juice! I dont know why b/c i never craved lemon juice with my other pregnancies.My taste buds keep screaming for lemon juice and thinking about it makes my mouth water,help!!!


LaurenKaylyn17 - July 16

OMG hahah! ME TOO!! wow.... I eat whole lemons sometimes... and limes... like I'll cut them up and put salt on them and just eat them. I thought that it was weird too... but I love it and I can't help it now.


Rhonda - July 16

I have not gave in to my craving yet,i dont wanna eat lemons or drink lemon juice!How far long are you?Im hoping this cravings will fade away,but so far i have had this craving for four days.


LaurenKaylyn17 - July 16

I'm 18 weeks 4 days pregnant... lol I've had the cravings since... hmm... I don't know probably since I was 2 months pregnant :]


jnine29 - July 16

:( i have not craved anything so far and i'am 24weeks


LiL MaMa AbBy - July 17

i craved lemons also... but i tried drinking lemonade.. and just squeezed a little bit of a real lemon in there and it satisfied my craving.. it is really good in this hot hot weather too... but dont drink too much because it will make your stomach icky feeling after awhile..


venus_in_scorpio - July 17

i LOVE lemons and limes and everything citrus. i have eaten lemons with sugar on them too. I am so afraid though with the heart burn ive started getting that i wouldnt be able to stomach it! that sucks i always had a cast iron stomach now everything gives me heart burn


KLT - July 17

I was craving Granny Smith apples with salt...couldn't get enough of them. Each time I ate one, I got sick..but still kept eating them. That died out..then I moved onto pickles. Ate two jars straight. Got sick of them, and moved onto rootbeer. Now my cravings have subsided though...i'm at 27 weeks.


DWilson924 - July 17

Want to know what else is good, Sour Patch Kids, or Sour Skittles. YUMMY!


Jade - July 17

Your craving could be linked to a vitamin deficiency (maybe vitamin c?), and this is your body's way of trying to get more of that vitamin. Are you taking prenatal vitamins?


Rhonda - July 17

Jade,No not yet i am waiting until my dr appointment.It could be that b/c i dont eat to healthy mostly b/c i am so sick alot,i always feel real nausea and it is hard for me to eat,but i did buy some instant breakfast drinks.


Meena - July 17

Hi Ronda:I am from India and there is general notion about pregnancy that pregnant women get a strange craving for sour things like tamrind .My mom use to crave for mango pickle alot made rom raw mango which is very sour :).I guess thats very normal.



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