Aaaaah In A State Of Panic

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sugafosho - June 1

Okay I had unprotected s_x (booty call) with someone I had not seen in a year + on the 13th of May I talked to an advice nurse who said to take a test after the 25th of May so I did and it had a faint line ( my friend looked at the line and said it was not a faint line though) than I went to the doctor that morning and found out that I had bacterial vaginitis and cervitis and they had me take another pregnancy test the result for the test was the same they said that there was a faint line and so they gave me zithromax to treat the cervitis and they said that they would give me a call if it was anything else that caused it which I would need to get additional treatment for. Well I just received a call from my primary OB/GYN and she said that an abnormal pap came back, I let her know what the other doctor told me and she said that could explain the abnormal but than of course I got online and saw that there are multiple things that can cause the cervitis, I am just worried that it is something more and serious and if I was pregnant if it would affect the pregnancy, which I am not even sure if there is a pregnancy. And than my other concern is how long have I been carrying this cervitis was it something I contracted from my last partner which was a one time thing on Feburary 13th. I dont know someone please give me some advice or help calm my nerves, I am just going bonkers right now, I did talk with my primary and I am going in to get a blood test for pregnancy, and than of course whenever you get your aids check you are always freaking out and I wont get the results until the 14th so I am just a mess right now.


lexa - June 1

Oh jeez honey! I hope everything works out well for you! I'm not even sure what to say. Anytime anyone has to have any type of medical tests done and then have to wait so long for results goes bonkers! Who decided on the aids test? Did they take it because of the pregnancy? I know that is one of the tests performed when you are pregnant. Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy. Is it something that you want? I'm only asking since you said it was a "booty call". Here's the said they said "that explains the abnormal pap being pregnant". So they obviously checked you out, and gave you medication to clear up the inflammation. Don't worry yourself about looking up everything else unless they diagnosed you with that specifically or you will just worry yourself to death! If you just have the infection, treat it and worry about taking care of yourself and having a healthy baby:-) Are you scheduled for another doctors visit in regards to your pap test or pregnancy? I don't know if you had a period since you had intercourse, but if you did and you used tampons, that could also cause cervitis. Just try to take some deep breaths and calm your nerves. I know it's hard, but you need some peace of mind. And do a lot of praying...even if you never had before, or you don't beleive! The power of prayer is sometimes all we have to go on! Please let us know as soon as you find anything out!!! Everyone on this forum is GREAT! You'll always have a friend here, especially when you need one most!


krista-lee - June 1

dont have unprotected s_x with anyone! no matter who you are you could get an STD and most likely it was from your partner. lots of STDs and infections affect pregnancy but there are lots of treatments that are safe. dont worry and go to the doctor regularly until its under control!


sugafosho - June 1

Thank you Lexa and Krista Lee, I know it was dumb to have unprotected s_x and I should be more responsible, I am definetly kicking myself about that choice. I notified my partner about the results and he seemed angry for letting him know about it, I told him he just needs to go in and get treated, I am not seeing him again. I asked for the the aids test since the last one I had was about a year ago. I am really working on getting this all cleared up, I am pretty upset with myself and I was not really wanting to have a baby, I mean I do want a baby but I did not want it this way. I know I should not of went for a booty call, but I had a weak moment and yeah. Well I am going to take Lexa's advice and not stress and just put it in Gods hands, please keep me in your prayers lexa


lexa - June 2

You are absolutely in my prayers! Are you definitely pregnant, or still waiting for those results as well? Please keep us posted on how you are doing! Good luck!


sugafosho - June 3

Well I got the results back on my blood test and I registered as having an 18 count, I found that out this morning, but last night I miscarried. Which is for the best but it still bothers me a bit. It just was not my time, but sometimes you think is that going to be the only time I could have a baby. This is for the best but it still hurts a bit, It also sucks that it happened on my birthday... Well this way I can do it the right way and quit putting myself in stupid situations..



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