Abnormal Cells

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scared - March 28

i went to my 10th week doctors appt. thinkin i was gonna get an ultrasound or something i was really excited. but when the doctor walked in he turned off the u/s computer and sat down and started to explain that in my papsmear i didnt come up wit any std's but that i had sum type of abnormal cells or something of that sort. he said mostlikely its not cancerous but im scared. im only 20 i never heard of that and i dont know what to think. can anyone help me please. im very worried.


BBK - March 28

I wouldn't worry yet. While an abnormal Pap smear may be a sign of cancer, many different changes on your cervix can cause an abnormal Pap smear. Pap smears can be abnormal if the cervix is inflamed or irritated. This can be caused by an infection of the cervix, douching, menopausal changes, or irritation. The cervix may also be going through some changes called dysplasia. Dysplasia means the cells on the Pap smear look abnormal under the microscope. Cervical dysplasia during pregnancy may indicate an HPV infection or genital wart. Pregnant women are found to be more susceptible to abnormal cells on their cervix from HPV, than are non-pregnant women. The reason for this is because a pregnant woman’s immune system is under more stress when pregnant, which allows more opportunity for the virus to bring out symptoms. Cervical during dysplasia pregnancy may indicate an HPV (Human papillomavirus) infection or genital wart. Dysplasia isn't the same thing as cancer but may lead to cancer if it is not treated, but treatments are very effective.


Jamie - March 28

Hey, don't worry...my sister-in-law had abnormal cells; turned out to be cysts on her ovaries that went away completely unaided.


Heidi - March 28

I have this too. I have a colposcopy set up for the 12th of April where they go in and look at the cells to see what's going on. She told me it's very common in pregnancy and not to worry about it just yet, and even if there is something wrong, Mayo Clinic will treat it while I'm pregnant and there's no risk involved.


Robyn - March 28

Oh thats aweful, but I am going through the same thing. I went in for my pap and got the results so I went in for a colposcopy and they said they cant do anything until after I have the babies. They said it is possible but the only way they would do it is if they were really worried that it was cancerous. I wouldnt worry you should be fine. Just try not to stress its bad for your little peanut!


Heidi - March 28

That's what they told me too. Unless it was really bad, they will just wait till the baby is born. It's kind of scary but I was told that it can easily be removed if caught in time. This is the first abnormal pap I've had so I'm trying not to think about it till the colposcopy. That's got me a little nervous.


Jenn - March 28

I wouldn't worry about it, it is actually pretty common. I too went through the same thing, they just did a Pap every six months instead of every year, too make sure. I had a few with abnormal cells, but after having 2 good ones, I now only have to go for a Pap every year and have been good now for about 2 years or more.


Heidi - March 28

That's what they told me too. Every six months I'd have to have one. Actually they weren't even going to do anything when they got the results. Just retest me in 2 months but I think when I freaked out they said they'd do a colposcopy. So I'm probably jumping the gun but it's better to be safe than sorry. My friend said the same thing happened to her and they said after the baby is born to come back. She never did and 5 years later she went for a pap test and everything was normal. Hopefully it's just all in my head :)


SCARED - March 28



C - April 6

To be honest dont be worried b/c that happend to me andi had to get a cervical biopsy and it was nothing.It can be a little scary when you hear that ,but it will be ok.



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