Abnormal Cells On Pap Smear

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SLW - October 11

I did my pap test at week 9, now i'm almost 12 weeks, the test came back with abnormal cells. the dr said I will do the colposcopy only at 19 weeks! till then i just have to hope and wait. It could be just reactive cells or something else... did anyone had it? is this normal? any affect on the baby? the dr says not to worry...how can I not?


ker - October 11

Hi, I did have this but not until after my baby was already born. They called it dysplasia or something like that, they said it happens sometimes to women who just had babies, so I a__sume it could happen to pg women too. It can also be caused by multiple s_x partners, which I know wasn't the case with me, as I was married and had only had 1 s_x partner which was my husband.


ker - October 11

Sorry, I guess I should have said what come of the abnormal cells..I had to take some sort of internal medicine for a couple of weeks, and then I had to come in every 3 months for the next year to keep an eye on it b/c apparently if it gets bad it can turn into cervical cancer. At least they've caught it early and they should be able to treat it and it will go away, if medicine doesn't clear it up then they will do this thing with some kind of stick that burns off the bad cells, I did not have to do this, they said it is somewhat painful to do the procedure and can make you nauseous, but it is a quick procedure. I really don't think you have anything to worry about, but just as a word of advice, try drinking a cup of hot green tea with a tsp of sugar and milk every morning. Since you are pg get decaffinated green tea and make sure it doesn't have any weird herbs like ginseng and stuff like that. You will be so amazed at what just drinking green tea can do for your immune system. It has antibodies that help fight off infections. Since you have to wait for a while before you can do anything anyways, this is a safe way to take matters into your own hands, it may even clear up on its own. Good Luck, I hope everything works out ok.


val - October 11

I had this right before I got pregnant...my pap came back abnormal, I was worried sick. I had a colposcopy, everything looked fine. My next pap, when I was 8 wks pregnant, turned out normal. My dr explained to me, that sometimes when this happens, it is just because your cells go through normal changes every now and then, and if you happen to have your pap right at the time that change is going on, then it could register as abnormal or "dysplasia" when really it's nothing, just your cells going through their normal change. I hope that makes sense. I read up on it on WebMD, that helped me understand the whole thing better. I know it's hard not to worry, believe me I understand that. Good luck, and congrats on the baby!


Tanyav - October 11

SLW, I had a abnormal pap come back after my first prenatal visit. I also had a colposcopy and it came back that I had pre-cancerous/abnormal cells. This was at about 10wks and the doctor informed me that they can not do anything about it now and that she will treat it after I give birth. She said not to worry about it. That stuff like this can take years to fully development into any kind of serious problem i.e. cancer. I actually heard of a lot of women having abnormal paps due to the high amount of hormones that are present when you are preganant and they end up not being anything after labor. Don't worry everything will be fine. If the doctor isn't worried then i wouldn't be either.


J - October 11

I always have abnormal pap tests, but when I got pregnant and they did the pap test it was still abnormal so they did a colposcopy. The doctor didn't see anything that she needed to biopsy so all they did was go in and look. It didn't even hurt and it's safe for the baby. I didn't get biopsy, but I heard it just feels like a quick pinch. I wouldn't worry too much unless something comes back abnormal on the colposcopy b/c it's not worth it to stress for the next 8 weeks when you don't do what it wrong.


SLW - October 11

Thank you all.



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