Abnormal Pap I M Freaking Out

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denimbutterfly - March 8

I just got a call that I had an abnormal pap. I have never had one since getting paps for 14 years. They want to do a Colposcopy. I am scared that this will hurt the baby. I have read that they can't treat you while your pregnant anyway, so why do another test? Any advice/input would be MUCH appreciated!


kpeck - March 8

I am sure your doctors wouldn't do anything unnecessary to hurt the baby. And, depending on what it is, if it turns out to be anything, they might be able to treat it while you are pregnant. You can always get a second opinion from another doctor. But, honestly, I don't know anything about the test, and I am not a doctor.... so what do I know. I can't imagine how scared you are. But, use the experts to help figure out the best path.


denimb__terfly - March 8

I asked the nurse at my doc's and she said he will look and take a biopsy. I don't want them messing around down there unless it is crucial to the baby! I don't want another miscarriage. I read cramping and bleeding can occur after the procedure. I CAN NOT handle that right now. My last pregnancy ended in miscarriage and I would go nuts if I saw any blood or felt cramping.


c_baer19 - March 8

Believe it or not, but I acutally had the exact same thing done to me. I had a colposcopy done at 12 weeks, and I am fine, there really wasn't much bleeding at all compared to what I had expected. It did take them awhile to stop the bleeding (they took a biopsy), but that's because your blood volume increases when you're pregnant! They will not perform the second part of the colposcopy where they enter the cervix when you are pregnant and will probably recommend you get one at your next pap after you give birth. I was so afraid of having it done too, I cried. I had an abnormal pap after somehow contracting HPV, a fairly common thing, but the strain I had apparently can cause cervical cancer. Mine was free of pre-cancerous cells, luckily. =)


c_baer19 - March 8

By the way, by 'awhile' I meant just a couple of minutes, didn't want to scare you, lol. I really didn't have any red blood at all and they told me I might, so I was very relieved. I just had brown blood (old blood) that was coming out from the area they biopsied. Also, I know how scared you are, I think I started crying while in the room waiting for the doctor.


denimb__terfly - March 8

I just can't shake this feeling like- what is the point of doing it right now? If they find something bad, they can't do anything right now anyway. Also, I had a pap done in October and it was normal. What could have changed since then? I am married (so it is not more s_xual partners or anything). I have read that your hormones could cause an abnormal pap. I think I am going to let them look, maybe do another pap, but I don't want a biopsy. Worst case scenario I have cancer, which they can't do anything about while I am pregnant. Best case, it is nothing. C_baer19 thanks for sharing with me. The whole thing has me upset. I know I am so paranoid with this pregnancy because my last one ended in miscarriage. I have never been so hormone filled, paranoid, etc. in my life, but I guess my life was changed when I miscarried.


ahay - March 8

Denim i just had one today and I am 7 weeks pregnant. it didnt hurt me or the baby and I am doing fine. My doc said it has NO effect on the fetus


denimb__terfly - March 8

did you bleed alot?


pokerbabej69 - March 9

I had an abnormal pap at the beginning of my pregnancy and I freaked out like you would not believe. When I had the colposcopy she said my cervix was raw so she wasnt going to do the biopsy portion because it could pose a risk. She just marked the abnormal cells with the vinegar solution and told me that 3 months postpartum I would have to have another colposcopy done, which I am not looking forward to because the first one hurt. If your worried about the risks I would discuse it with your dr. before they do anything that way they can explain everything to you and know your feelings on it all.


denimb__terfly - March 9

thank you. I keep going back and forth about it. I'm VERY scared!


ahay - March 9

denim it wasnt bad at all. Didnt hurt a bit. I did bleed a lil bit for a couple of hours but i was fine.


stacked - March 9

I have to have one done at the end of this month. As long as they know you are pregnant, they will change the way they do the procedure. They don't HAVE to take anything out for a biopsy. The solution will highlight the abnormal cells, and the doctor will be able to tell if it's worth taking or not.


lilmomma2b - March 11

I've had a colposcopy done and it did hurt but only because my family dr is an idiot and didnt let the thing she used to get the biopsy cut the tissue, instead she jerked it before the cut was complete. I did bleed a tiny bit, had very little cramping. I've also misscarried a baby (a year later) the bleeding and cramping from the biopsy is nothing compared to miscarriage so you WILL know the difference. They need to do this biopsy to see if you have what is called dysplacia, its a mutation of the cells in your cervix which if left untreated eventually will cause cervical cancer. They will take the biopsy for one to see if you have it and two to see how advanced it is. Since you had a pap in Oct. and it was fine I dont imagine IF you have dysplacia it could be very advanced, but they'll check and if you are stage 1 (called cin1) my guess is they will not treat it until the baby is born. But if its in a more advanced stage they need to know that, you DO NOT want to have cervical cancer, the baby needs you healthy. But they do need the biopsy because they have to check the layers of your cervix to see how deep the dysplacia is, again if you have it.


proudmommy - March 11

ok, a year ago I had an abnormal pap (rare acute squamos cells of undetermined significance), but the doc never told me. Technically, I shouldn't know now either. I just had another one done in feb but the doc didn't call to say anything was abnormal. I saw a different doc by the way. Should I be worried about it? It seems everyone here has had tests done after theres


proudmommy - March 11

sorry not acute...atypical.


dekota - March 11

I had the same thing, and after they did what they had to do to get them out. i found out i was a few week's pregnant..i asked the doctor who took them out if i would of hurt the baby and she said not at all..so it should be fine..


BiancaM - March 12

Hi denim, I had a colposcopy in november before I got pregnant and I was terrified. I didn't know what to expect and I didn't like the thought of opening my legs for a doctor to "work" on me. I went in and I was shaking... I asked the doctor if it hurt and she said YES! My best advice to you is relax and take deep breaths. My doctor asked me to cough twice when she did the actual biopsy so I didn't really feel it. I guess the worst part was the cramping I had afterwards, it lasted the whole day so I went home and took a nap. And by the way it was at the first stage so my doctor told me to come back in a year... it usually clears by itself. Now that I am pregnant and my immune system has weakened the doctor wants me in for another colposcopy in 2 weeks from today and I and again in my 3rd trimester. Good luck, I hope everything turns out OK.



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