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PKS - June 21

After how many months and days of pregnancy,abortion is impossible?


fran - March 16

every state has its own laws the state i am in you cant have one after 22 weeks of pregnancy


friend - March 26

Not sure, but I wish you the best..it is a HUGE choice and try to weigh all the options. I know what you are going through...it will stay with you forever. Best of Luck :)


Maureen - March 28

It happened to me many years ago, It was sad but I got over it and now I feel certain I made the right decision. It's really up to you, because you know what is best for you. I am pregnant now, but I still strongly feel it is the woman's right to choose.


KM - April 3

It should be never. Abortion is murder!! Why go through that if you can just give your baby to a family who cares, try the adoption thing.


Maureen - April 9

I strongly believe Abortion is not Murder, it is the woman's right to decide what she can do with her own body, nobody else's. We are not living in the Dark Ages. Millions of woman have died in the past when Abortion was illegal and went to back-street people who tried to perform Abortions on them. Today, you can get a Dr. to do the job. DO NOT LISTEN TO THOSE FANATICS, decide for yourself, ONLY YOU KNOW what is BEST for YOU.


VP - April 13

well give it a chance that baby does feel pain. and there is a loving family who will take your baby in. dont be a killer. and if you never wanted to have a baby you should have never open your legs. and there is a thing called birth control. GOD help that baby. do the right thing.Give it up if you have to dont kill.


Beth - May 25

If you have the baby and decide you don't want him/her, you can give him/her up for adoption. If you decide to kill the baby, you're SOL, and probably living with regret for the rest of your life.


anon - May 26

i had an abortion years ago i had my doubts because of idiots calling it murder it isnt murder its a fetus and is no cla__sed as a baby yet you have to do whats right for you and if this is what is its your choice every person is in different circ_mstances you must think it thriugh hard as its not as easy once the baby is here to give it away think long and hard as the desisin should be given lots of thought as its a hard choice to make i wish u luck what ever you decide take care i had a abortion and im no way a murderer i have 2 beautiful children another on the way but at the time it was the right thing to do dont listen to these idots think of you and whats best only u can decide take care


michelle - May 27

Every state is different. However, take your time with this decision. As a woman who has had a miscarriage and is now newly pregnant again, it is heartbreaking to think that someone else would choose not to have a child. I know this is a tough situation with many emotions, but don't rush. Remember, although a child prior to 12 weeks is called a fetus, the baby has a heartbeat and brain waves as early as six weeks. I'm going in for an ultrasound when I reach six weeks along and the doctor will be able to see the heartbeat! Your child is alive, so don't be convinced by anyone that it's not a living human being yet. Like some of the other ladies have said, adoption is a beautiful way to live your life while allowing your child to live his or her life too :)


anon - May 27

you are all so messed up people how can you call this person a murderer i understand that a miscarriage must be a devestating thing to go through but this is not about miscarriage is it its about someone needing support you have no idea how old the person is what situation there in if there is abuse around them you dont know nothing your making your minds up because your hurting from your own tragic losses abortion is not an easy thing to do it was the hardest thing ive ever had to do in my life but the situation was right you dont know if there are birth defects anything your all just jumping in this person hasnt asked for the abuse you've given they need help and support not to be called a murderer this is so wrong and sickens me to think that this has happened if it was murder it would not be legal and i would choose to do it again if i could turn back time but i would never do it again not now im older and wiser married and love my kids very much but everyone is ent_tled to make there own choice as it is 2004 so stop being so nasty if you dont agree with it answer in a polite manner instead of slagging people who need help and support off this site i know plenty of people who cant have children i have dicussed being a surrogate mother for my friend but thats my choice so dont judge just dont reply if you cant be polite thanks


anon - May 27

i just seen on the date of this post the person would have already made there choice so bit of a pointless debate i'd say


monique - June 7

one month and a few days


Clare - June 9

Some people are so nasty it is every womens choice leave the poor women alone


shana - June 16

can you still get pregnant if you had 3 previous abortions


Concerned - June 16

I must say - I am NOT considering abortion NOR am I an expectant mother. BUT, if I were, the comments and verbal tirades I see in this forum would convince me to seek advice elsewhere. You ladies need to understand what "support", "compa__sion" and "understanding" truly can mean to someone who is lost and desperate for sane, rational advice. I can not believe the level of judgement and accusation I see here... This forum is meant to provide support, not provide a outlet for rage/regret at past events and tragedies in your own personal lives. Take a breather, relax and BE OBJECTIVE!


pink - June 17

I think all yall [email protected]!$ should go to hell you f%$#@ng! Murders and the bia who asked this ? should rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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