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amanda - March 25

i'am 11 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend wants me to get an abortion does anyone have any advice?


JLorenzo - March 25

That is a tough spot to be in. You have to factor in your beliefs and your dedication and ability to raise the baby, among other things. Do what your heart tells you is best. Good luck...


C - March 25

PLEASE don't have an abortion!! You'll regret it for the rest of your life. Trust me! There are lots of other options. If you don't feel you would be the best parents, maybe look into adoption. You can do this!!


Elena - March 25

Pls b4 considering an abortion remind ur b/f that HE too was there when u conceived, abortion is the easy way out .How old are u ? could u manage on ur own ? I only speak for myself, but no man will force me what to do something against my will, now don't get offended that's only my opinion.


to amanda - March 25

dont do it! it will stay with you forever,he sounds like a looser for wanting to kill his child,does he know your baby already has a heartbeat,it will know whats going on,check out abortion websites and see how awful it is.


amanda - March 25

thank you everyone for your advice but to the the person that wrote fu*k you your a very sick person and i hope you never have a child you would do nothing good for a child but teach them hatred.


Lisa - March 26

from experience...please don't do it. I have regret it ever since i had an abortion 8yrs ago. I'm not trying to put all the blame on my ex because having the abortion was what i thought was best for the both of us since we were too young. Now I'm pregnant again and I'm trying my best to be careful so not to lose this baby. so my advice is think very hard before you make your decision...don't want you to regret it like I did.


sm - March 26

11 weeks is a bit far along I think. Really it is past the bunch of cells stage. It has NOTHING to do with your boyfriend. You make your decison but really if you wanted an abortion I think you would have alredy had it done. You obviosly dont want to do it or you would be at the clinic and not on this site.


Beckins - March 26

I also agree with those who've posted...its not the only option and can cause other heartaches. It is seen as the easy way out and a quick rid of someone you may not be ready to be responsible for. Abortion brings alot of baggage with it...no one really informs you of the mental, emotional, physical effects it has. Apart from danger of not being bale to conceive again, damaging internally, and living with the knowing that you killed a living being is tough. I suggest you have some counselling before you make the decision. But remember tht at 12 weeks your baby has everything, heartbeat, limbs, organs, etc, and it swims, has fingerprints, urinates and swims around inside. The rest of the pregnancy is just growth. Imagine the joy it can bring!!!


Heather - March 26

Amanda - What do you want? Do you want to have this baby? What it all boils down to is you. If you bf wants you to abort... Than there is a good chance he may (MAY) split on you later. It is not about you and him anymore. It's about you and the baby. What do you want????


sm - March 27

nancy (as in the nancy in pregnancy) let it go, if you dont like the site find somewhere more to your taste. It may be boring to you, I would probly find a kidney disease site boring so i dont go there hoever for those that find it relevant let them enjoy. You have good copy & pasteing skills, perhaps look into doing an online computer course in your spare time? The only stupid question is the one that gets unasked.


nicole - March 27

everyone says that abortion and suicide are the easy way out, but theyre not. when confronted with either one they are the toughest decisions u will ever have to make regarding if u want to following thru, and are far from an easy way out. an easy way out would be getting help, and thinking about what u want to do, but following thru is whats the hardest thing, and abortion is following thru. im sooo sick of hearing people say its the easy way out, and to those who do step back from ur opinionated view about abortion already and think about the heartache that that person has to decide, if they keep it then it could cause many problems for them that they cant deal with which could lead to a whole bunch of depression issues and if they dont then they will probly be living with regret for a loooooong time. make a decision right for u, dont let others talk u into one, if u think going on with this pregnancy will lead to hate towards the baby from either party then think strongly if u want to have something growing in u that is hated. if u already love the baby(only u) then u will fight and do anything for it. and it doesnt matter what ur boyfriend thinks, if u love u will find a way to make anything happen.


To nicole - March 27

Abortion & suicide are the easy way out ! It's easy to kill an innocent life, nowdays there are so many contraceptives that exist. And once u kill urself, do u know where u go to ? It's risky ! Suicide is often a definate solution to a temporary problem .In cases of rape and incest, it is different. Now Nicole, i know u disagree with me, and it's fine ! Don't bite me for that , it's just my opinion!


To Amanda - March 27

Okay, girls... You honestly don't know the position this girl is in. Do you? You just jump out there on your 'band wagon' with the whole "Don't kill an innocent fetus" blah blah. I had an abortion a long... long time ago and NO I do not regret it. Now, before you start going *off* on the ' how dare you kill an innocent baby'... let me tell you my situation at the time. I was raped and had a gun to my face. Did I want to keep that in me? No. I was 18 and did not want to let something survive from someone so horrible. Yes, Amanda has a bf... so obviously her situation is different. So, amanda- tell us your situation so you can get more clarity. Are you prepared - when/if you have the baby to take care of it? Your life will change and will be so different. It won't be about 'you' anymore- it'll be about the baby. And since you aren't married.. you also have to keep in the back of your mind if your bf will be around to help you raise the baby. So pretty much, just consider yourself a single mom (just in the back of your head) so whatever the outcome is... it is better than what you expected. I wish all teh luck to you and just go with what is in your heart.


sm - March 28

Well, it is intresting how people seem to think it is importnt to have the man around to help you bring up baby. Yes men are important but reality is even when you are married they spend only a small amount of time bringing it up. Actully they do create a lot of extra washing and cooking (husbands that is) so it is a tradeof. If you have ahusband they help with the baby so you have time to do thier cooking, ironing, cleaning etc and trying to give atention to evryone. And having an abortion is not the easy way out it is a dificult decision but i think Amanda already knows what she wants. Nobody wants to go back to the 50s and killer backyard abotions but then in the 50s there was NO contraceptoin. Or support for single mums. Amanda have your little baby, i know people who regret havin abortion but dont know ANYONE who regrets having thier baby.


nicole - March 28

exactly abortion is not an easy way out, its the hardest decision u will ever have to make, and i think shes already made hers. but it still p__ses me off that people jump to the conclusion its the easy way out when its not , and to all those who say it is just imagine the harsh decision u have to make and the harsh reality that it later provides, instead of automatically replying with "abotion is the easy way out, abortion kills" blah blah blah, listen to the whole situation before prejudging


sm - March 28

And PS, I dont feel guilty about my abortion, it was a decison I made at the time. Now I look back I think I should have looked into more and kept the baby. Actually it was the pro-lifers with placads singing out baby-killers that sent me scuttlin in in such a hurry. Seeing such hatred just put my brain in shut down. Think they could have done better handing out flyers with some single mother sucess storys.



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