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fatimah - June 30

Hello, i need some help here. I was want to do abortion cause my bf dont want the baby. The doctor give me some pill in my va___a. I was 2.5 months pregnant. After that i got bleeding a lot but the next day i didnt going to do the operation. 2 weeks later i got surprise that i found i am still pregnant but my doctor didnt want to do abortion anymore. But i am worried now cause of the pill that the doctor given to me will effect my baby. I dont want anything happen to my baby. it is very make me worry so much. Pls any one can help me .. what kind of pills that doctor give to me and any effect for my baby in the future ? thank you very much


mel - June 20

hiya..where about the location are you?i might know a clinic that may help you in birmingham.otherwise i think that you should go to another clinic asap and find another doctor.otherwise the longer you leave it,you won't be able to have abortion it will be against the law .good luck x


Melissa - June 20

You need to go back to your doctor and get you questions answered. He/She should know what the pill can possibly do to your baby.


MS - June 21

I agree with Melissa, get to your doctor asap and get your questions answered. Even if you go to another doctor they are going to want to know what it was. Beyond that think wisely on what you do. Everyone has a different opinion on what you are trying to do. I have never been there so can not imagine what you are thinking or feeling. I am on the other side of the spectrum where it took me 7 years to have my first child, lost my second to a miscarriage, and am happily pregnant with my third. My sister can't have children at all. Remember, closed or open adoption is always another option. If you need to talk, [email protected]


Lindsay - June 30

I also agree with Melissa big time, ask the doctor or look up on it yourself in a book or online...


Patty - June 30

Ask another doctor to advise you of the possible affects. But most of all Pray to Jesus Christ that your baby is healthy there is a reason why he is still with you. God Bless.



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