Abortion 17 Weeks

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jdeh - January 20

I Met someone in August,she has a 2year old with someone else.I moved in to hers,She said she loved me,we got along great,meals out ,day,s outI'd always buy her flowers every week and there wasnt a single problem apart from her ex making her feel guilty about her acting as a family with me.I have honestly never had such a fantastic time with someone and been so in love.

At the end of october she found out she was pregnant,she stopped taking medication for stress and anxiety but she wasnt sure if she wanted to keep it but i persuaded her that this was the start of our new life together and i would always be there and love her so we decided to keep it.She then had doubts and worrys about giving birth again,how it would affect her son ,her life and job.

We carried on till the 12 week scan on 12th december 2017,It was amazing to see this little thing we had created and bought tears of joy to both of our faces.I was so excited to finally become a dad and a family with her and her son.

On Thursday before christmas she went to see her ex to drop the 2year old off as they share during the week,she is normally 10 minutes this time she was half an hour which was strange as they both dont get along very well and had been arguing on the phone over something prior to the child being dropped off.

When she returned she began arguing with me saying I had met her son to quickly ,moved in the quickly ,that i would never get along with her ex,said no wonder you got me pregnant so quick and was going over everything and making an excuse for an argument,we went to bed then on friday we hardly spoke ,I was at hers having a shower and she messaged as she was out saying dont come round tonight but you can come and get your stuff,I replied I'm already at yours,when she arrived back she hardly said a word to me all night,half way through the night I asked her if she wanted me to leaveĀ  and she said no.

Anyway Saturday 3am she woke up with pregnancy pains,she woke me up and we had a massive 3hr argument,i thought at this point she was deliberatly trying to break up,the argument got so bad she said she was phoning the police and i asked why ,i hadnt been violent or threatened her or anything like that,she went to phone the police so i grabbed the phone out of her hand and she fell over her sons bike,she started screaming help so i left.

2hrs later the police come looking for me saying Ive assulted her,got her in a headlock and dragged her to the floor,I was locked up all over christmas til boxing day,they released me me and said stay away from her,so i texted her friend asking how she was and the baby ,the next day the police are back again saying ive breached bail by indirectly contacting her.

I had to go to court and my solicitior said it would be better to admit assulting her as i would be found guilty anyway at trail so i did,this resulted in a restraining order and communtiy service which i carnt understand.So the next day being upset about everything ,missing her ,thinking about the baby and being completly lost I went to go and try to talk to her again ,which i know im stupid for doing but all i could think about was the baby,she called 999 and guess what i get arrested again and a unlimited restraining order.

Now i know i was wrong for grabbing the phone ,not listening to the courts and police ,but i could never hurt her or upset her,i love her

I have no way of finding out what i did so wrong,why she wanted me out of her life,if shes had or having an abortion at 17 weeks,I feel so lost,upset ,distrout and helpless!

Anyone have any ideas???



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