Abortion Again

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scared - September 1

When i was 14 i got pregnant and had an abortion the i had a daughter at age 19 and i am 21 now and i think i am pregnant again...i can not go through having another child right now...do u htink i will still be able to have children if i get another abortion...please help me!!!!


Melissa - August 10

Sweetheart, you have got to take responsibilty for your actions. Abortion is not a form of birth control. There is a chance that if you have another one you will not be able to have children later. Not to mention it is terminating a human life. Can you really live with doing that a second time? You need to step up and be a real mother and have this current baby. Adoption is always an option. Your baby does not deserve to die because of your irresponsibility. I am not trying to be a b___h here, but it just makes me sad and frusterated how abortion is thought of and done so lightly. Please make the right decision. Have this baby, give it to a family that can't have children. Then get on some forms (plural) of birth control so you don't get pregnant again, until it is the right time for you.


Theresa - August 11

Hi sacred I am not trying to tell you what to do, or to talk you out of an abortion,but maby this will help. I had a friend who got pregnant 3 times. The first time she was 16, she had the baby. The second time, she had an abortion. The third time she had another abortion.Although I did not support abortion, I stood by my friend & held her hand. Then,years later when she & her fiance were READY to start a family together, they had trouble & could not get pregnant. After a bunch of tests, etc... the Doctor discovered that she had holes in her uterus as a result of the abortions. So, think about it. Like I said, I am not gonna tell you not to get one, but I think you would be taking a risk.(Especially if you Do want 2 be able to have more children in the future).ohhh, I am not saying that this will happen, but it is possible. Really think about it ...please!!!! Consider ADOPTION. Look at it this way....there are so many couples out there who want children & can't have them for whatever reason.Do you want to end up being one of those couples to? Good luck sweetie & God bless you


Helen - August 11

Hi scared. Yes, you will be able to go on and have more children in the future, providing you have no complications from the abortion (but please note, complications are VERY rare, so don't worry). A 3rd abortion is generally not recommended to women who want to have children in the future as the chances of complications (such as infertility) rises.


Katie - August 13

I have had 2 abortions. I just found out that I am pregnant again, which is good news this time. I had no problems getting pregnant at all... infact, I wasn't even trying, so to answer your question, most likely you will be fine. It would be safer and less invasive if you got a medical abortion because there are no tools involved that could damage your uterus. Good Luck!


Nicci - August 13

Don't do the deed if you are not prepared to handle the consequences. Your baby's life is not a joke or something to be played with.


s - August 13

I just wanted to say that i have a healthy 7 year old and i am 25 since then i have had two abortions and 2 miscarriages, The doctor has said that the abortions have had NOTHING to do with having a miscarriage . FYI alot of people a__sume that it can cause trouble in the future but it is VERY RARE!! you do what you feel is right to do, no one should tell you WHAT to do, i mean ultimately it is your choice and your life. If you feel the need do consider adoption or keeping the baby. Im sure you are already a GReat mother =) take care and email if you ever need to, [email protected]


* - August 14

Yes, good thinking! "Let's just kill the babies that we don't want" Keep your legs closed s___t. At 14 you're having s_x?! Good choice to kill the baby. People like you should never have kids. I have a 2 1/2 yr. old and I'm pregnant again, I got pregnant at 18, so what's your point? Can't handle the heat, stay out of the bedroom.


** - August 14

The world is overpopulated. People can and should get abortions if they want to. It's their choice.


SaRaH - August 16

The world may be over populated but abortions should not be used as a method of birth control. I think it is the persons choice although I AM against it! But it is not ok for people to think that they can have s_x and just get abortions!! Where are the morals here??


Misty - August 16

Please do not have another abortion. My best friend had two and she and her husband have been told that they will never have children because of her decision to abort. Have you considered adoption. My friends daughter adopted her daughter at 21, to a Christian organization that allowed her to pick the parents and she has never regretted the decision.


Sami - September 1

I am against abortion. I do not judge people who decide to abort. But I believe in God's Holy Word and HE instructs us not to hurt our children, what must he think of abortion? Children are God's blessings and if you kill the unborn child you will have to explain it to God on your judgement day! Have the child and give it up for adoption. Just my opinion... My cousin had an abortion and I love her to pieces. Hate the sin not the sinner and yes I believe s_x outside marriage is a sin. You won't have an unwanted pregnancy if you don't have s_x.


Sami - September 1

I just want to add, that we are all sinners saved by God's grace. There is nothing that God can't forgive us for. Jesus paid the price for us all, but we do have to reconize our sins and ask God's forgiveness. I really did not mean to preach at anyone. I am not a greater than thou person. I fall everyday and have to ask for forgivness everyday.


.... - September 15

scared,... please do not abort again, not for my sake or yours, but for the child growing inside of you, it did not decide to be reproduced and it shouldn't be killed for that fact. also just remember a pregnancy is only 9months long, if you're embarra__sed it will only last that long (after that you can put the baby up for adoption), however the regret and hurt will last for life. anyone who will be upset with you for being pregnant (if that is an issue) will get over it eventually, by why not give that poor child a chance in life to be a daughter/son to a family who do not have the privledge to produce their own. just think of that, PLEASE, also i have always said my biggest fear in life is not being able to have kids, we just started this month trying and nothing yet, immediatly adoption came to mind if nothing else happens in a year or so. please don't do this again who knows we may end up adopting the child you are carrying one day. think about it first


kelly - September 15

Yes you can still get pregnet. I would not use this site for abortion info. Call your local planned parenthood. They will have all the answers and you can talk with a live person.


??? - September 16

What sort of person are you. I know people think abortion is the answer but hell if you didnt want a baby why get yourself in this situation. I dont think any one is really 100% ready for having children planned or unplanned but it gets dealt with. Although one of them desicions is abortion i dont think it is really the answer. People have mentioned adoption though. Yeah its a possibility but still will destroy the child later in life when they find out Mummy kept the last one oh and maybe went on to having another. No S_x = No Baby. Think seriously about your actions. My friend has only had 2 abortions and can have no more children what so ever.


Erin - September 16

One thing I will never understand is having an abortion AFTER you have already had a baby, and discovered all of love and happiness he/she brings you. If you are a mother already- you know how miraculous it is. Think about how you would feel if you current child died. Just because the baby you have now is still inside of you, it doesn't mean you would love it any less. I almost had an abortion with my daughter because I was 17 and had no clue what I was doing. NOW that I've had a child, I can't ever imagine having an abortion. I look at her sometimes and think, my god, I can't believe I almost did that. Think about it!



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