Abortion Or No Abortion I M So Confused

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jj - April 7

I am currently pregnant however, I'm not sure who the father is. I think I am pretty sure who the father is, but that is not the guy I am seeing. I know the guy I am seeing really wants a child and we've been together for a long time now. I know I made a mistake sleeping with this other guy and I do regret it. Could I raise the child with the guy that I'm seeing without telling him its not his. I know the child would look similar and there is no way he would ever know otherwise. I know this isn't the greatest thing to do but the child would be very much so loved. what to do??


to jj - April 7

a lie that big can have devastating consequences when the truth comes out...(and it most likely will) maybe he would be willing to raise the child as his own...honesty is always best...he has the right to know...and if he cant deal with it, then at least it will be his decision...keep the baby and love it regardless of the guys feelings...


Karen - April 7

The decision to keep the baby is yours, but I feel the right thing is to be honest with the guy your with, if he loves you he will be willling to work ot out and may love care for the child better than the real father. All the best


Lou - April 7

Holding in something like that is not to good of an ideal b/c one thing you have to remember children grow up with features,so they may be a chance that he isn’t from your boyfriend and he will look at him an wonder why this child does not look like me. It’s really up to you if you even tell your boyfriend he may accept it and he may not .But in my opinion abortion is not the answer b/c you new what you was getting yourself into a night of pa__sion isn’t worth a lifetime of guilt. Hope you keep us update. Good luck on your choice


Sammy - April 7

Don't lie because you're afraid to tell the truth. Everyone involved in the lie will be worse off for it. You are focusing on the wrong thing here. The situation with the baby's father should have no bearing whatsoever on an abortion. The fact that you're even considering it and blaming it on "who's the daddy" shows me you weren't ready for this child in the first place regardless of who the father is. If you get an abortion, you will regret it every day for the rest of your life. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but you need to take responsibility for your actions and realize that taking the "easy" way out is not an option.


tara - April 7

Do you really want to live the rest of your life thinking this lie will come back and haunt you at one point or another. The truth always comes out and it's usually when you least expect it to. Don't lie, be honest and deal with the consequences - you will be better off in the long run.


kenya mama - April 7

to jj is right. that is a huge lie to have to try to keep up. hopefully the guy you are seeing will stick around to help you raise a child even though it is technically not his. keep your baby regardless of whether or not the right man is there to help you. i have known too many who live with the guilt and pain and regret of an abortion all their lives. this baby is a gift to you for you to have and love. i know you can do it! best of luck!



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