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kiki - December 17

I read it could take a year to get pregnant is this true?


Mellissa - December 19

Your chances of concieving are highest in your twenties and they reduce each year after 32 or so. Even if you ovulate an egg once a month and you practice good timing when you have s_x (in accordance with your ovulation time) nature still does not promise a pregnancy. This being said, take your cycle and find out when you ovulate. Have s_x in the five days before it and one day after but, don't do it all day as a man's sperm need some time to rebuild their numbers. Sperm also take anywhere from 12-48 hours to reach the egg which helps the chances of successful fertilization. They can also survive for several days so, even if you ovulate on a Monday, you can get pregnant from having s_x on Friday night! If you have a 28 day cycle, you usually ovulate on the 14th day of the cycle (14days after the first day of your last period) so have s_x on this day, the day after, as well as a couple of the days leading up to it. If you're on the pill, go off now and start taking prenatal pills (with folic acid-very important!) to prepare your body. It may take a few months or more but you shouldn't seek any sort of fertility counceling until a year has pa__sed (unless you have had surgery or disease in your past or your partners that may lead you to believe you have a problem already)


to mellissa - December 19

thanks that was very helpful hope to talk to you soon


Clare - December 19

I was taking the pill for 3 years, come off for one month just for a break and fell pregnant, : )


to clare - December 19

thanks i guess it depends on the person.thanks again


Tasha - December 20

It can take a year, but it only took me 2 weeks. I went by an ovulation calendar that I was able to create on www.webmd.com and it told my most fertile days. They weren't kidding! I thought it would take at least several months to conceive. Nope, 2 weeks later I find out I am pregnant. It was great to not have to wait though. Good luck! ~21 weeks 1 day preg.~



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