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M.F - December 7

Hi! everyone I'll be due in a few weeks.Im 34 weeks I have been thinking on getting Epidural but also scared at the same time. I was told That I had to get it before 7 cm is it true ?? I would like to know of some of you who have got it. It's my first pregnancy I just want to be ready for when I go in to labor and know what medication to get! Thanks to all who response..


R - December 7

I was less than 7cm I think 4.I was scared to get one,thought it would hurt,it was great,good thing I did,had to have a c-section anyway


Britts - December 7

My doctor told me that while it's possible to get any time, it's best to get it between 3 and 7 cm. Before 3 cm can slow labor...after 7 cm, some doctors won't attempt it because, according to my doc, you're in too much pain to hold still, therefore the doc is unwilling to stick a needle in your back. Hope this helps. You should talk to your doctor. He/She probably knows your hospitals policy.


Julie - December 7

Its ok to be scared but let me tell you --it is a GODSEND!!!!I was hurting sooooo bad with my first baby.After my ep.I could feel no pain and could actually enjoy the birth experience.I got my epidual early(as soon as I asked) so Iam not sure what the cut off is.Ask your doc. so you'll know.


Tess - December 7

I am also thinkin about of getting an epidural when I go into labor.....But Im scared!! Does it hurt when they stick the needle on your back?


Nicole - December 12

I am 18 weeks along with my second baby and I had an epidural. I think I was only 4 cm dialated when I got mine and I am soooo glad that I did!! I relaxed all the way until I was ready to push. You can't even feel the contractions. I suggest you get one unless you want to do it naturally.


Stephanie - December 12

I was 8 cm when I got my epidural. I can't believe I waited that long but it just got to the point where i couldn't take it any longer. Like Julie said, you can actually enjoy the expierence better. You are calm, rested and ready to deliver your baby practicaly pain free! We were laughing and joking the whole time I had my epi in....even between contractions (you can't feel them) we were having a good time just joking etc. I could still move my legs too!! Compared to the pain of contractions, I would take an epidural ANY DAY!!!! It doesn't really hurt....you can feel them threading the needle down your spine but it's more uncomfortable than painful and only for a second. I was holding my moms hand and just squeezed as hard as I could!!! Piece of Cake!


M.F - December 12

Thanks Ladies.. Im gonna get it..Just knowing im close to the date...this week is week 35...


tana - December 13

I was in so much pain from being induced I did not even feel them insert the needle in my back. The doc woke me up, told me I was at 10 cm and it was time to push. I pushed three times and out he popped!!! I was up and walking about 1hour later.



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