About How Many Wks Were U When Your Belly Button Popped

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l - September 29

Just a poll, about how far along were you when the belly button popped out? I'm 28 weeks, and it hasn't happened..maybe it wont, who knows!


Steph - September 29

Mine never did...


Lissi - September 29

Mine didn't stick out until I was about 35 weeks. It didn't happen all at once, it was a gradual process. It took a week after the birth to go back in again too.


Claire - October 7

My b___ton popped out at 21 weeks and never went back in,I'm still an outie and my daughter is now six.I don't mind,I have a ring through it now.


Ashlie - October 7

With my first son I was 38wks when it finally popped, and now with my 2nd son it has been popping out or staying flush with my belly b___ton since 34wks, after I eat it usually pops out, lol, I like to play with it.. :)


Rachel'sWill - October 7

I just have a question for you all...after your belly b___ton pops does it ever go back in after you have your baby? Just curious.


Jennifer - October 19

I'm at 29 wks and mine is almost out there. Wasn't it painful to get pierced Claire?


jorden - October 19

when i was pregnant with my son, mine didnt come out until 37 weeks and then i had him at 38 weeks. I think it depends on how big you are because im a big girl and it took a while and my friend was 100 lbs and hers popped out at like 23 weeks.


anita - October 19

mine is wierd. it's been halfway sticking out since 13wks. i'm 19 wks now and i thought it'd be all the way out by now, but i guess its just being stubborn. i hope it goes back to normal after birth. i've always liked my belly b___ton.


Heavenly - October 19

I went to 41 weeks and mine never popped out. My inny stood it's ground!


Ashlie - October 20

Your belly b___ton will go back in after you have the baby, unless your naturally an outie. :)


Claire - December 3

It did hurt getting it pierced but it was worth it! I was an innie before I was pregnant but my b___ton stayed out even after birth...


karine - December 3

mine never did, iam on my third pregnancy, 15weeks along


Jennifer - January 2

Thanks Claire! My bellyb___ton popped at 32 weeks and never went back in after I gave birth. I'm considering getting it pierced too


sarah513 - January 2

my stomach hasnt really grown all that much and my belly b___ton hasnt popped out either so maybe thats why yours hasnt popped yet.. lol.. on an episode of roseanne she said that maybe their like one of those little red things that you stick in a turkey and it pops out when its done lol...


Claire - January 3

Hi Jennifer,I can reccomend it,it feels great! be careful who does it though as it's not as simple as piercing an innie.


Beth S - January 3

mine never did. although i only made it to 35 weeks



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