About The Birth Control Iud

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curious - June 14

i never thought i could get pregnant because i was with this guy for almost 3 years and nothing never happen. now i was messing with this guy for 1 year and became pregnant. i gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and i definitly want to get birth control. i dont want the pill because i was always forgettting to take it. they would not reccommend the patch because i weigh over 200lbs and they said it would make me at a higher risk of having a heart attack blod clots or stroke.i seen a couple of friends who are on the shot and it made them gain excessive weight so i was thinking about the iud it lasts 10 years and its 99 percent effective. but i dont know anybody that have did it before can anyone give me any suggestions do you think it is safe. gimmie some feedback.


Steph - June 14

I had the copper IUD in for 3 years and just got it out last month. I found it to be a wonderful form of birth control, and it was very reliable. The only problem that I had with it was when it came time for my periods, they were VERY heavy and I had severe cramping for the first two days. Also, when it was put it, it really hurt me, but I know others and they had no problems with getting it in. Once it was in, I had to get used to the idea that there was something "in" me that was foriegn. After the first week or so, I could not even tell it was there. You are supposed to check the string after every period that you have to make sure the IUD is still in place. Good luck to you!


kimj - June 14

i also had the iud...... i liked it. it was alittle painful when they put it in but my uterus is really tilted. it is a piece of cake to take out. i would only get it if you are with only one person and he is only with you because if you catch something it can become really serious. my periods were fine and after they put it in i was alittle crampy but besides that i had no problems with it. i had it removed in november and it took us about 3 monbths to get pregnant but i am 19 weeks now and will probable get another one put in after this baby.


Jbear - June 15

I didn't want an IUD because I've always had problems with heavy periods. I'm overweight, so they wouldn't give me the pill. I decided to get a depo shot. It was like a bad joke, I bled for three months straight, sometimes so heavily that I couldn't leave the house.



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