Accuracy Of Opk S Amp Ewcm After O

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bntsmommy - September 19

I am a new member, but have visited this site often for advice. However, I can't seem to find anything on the advice I need now. I am hoping someone can help. Anyone who has used an opk...I am wondering if it was accurate for you. This is my situation... I haven't been taking my temp. because I have two little ones and am up often during the night and then I wake up early so it has always seemed to throw them off. However, I do check my cervical fluid and use ovulation predictor kits. As my cervical fluid got wetter I began testing with the opks. I received a positive on cd15 in the evening. My husband and I bd on cd16 in the afternoon. On cd17 I seemed dry, but I still took another opk test to make sure I had timed it right. This time the test was negative. I assumed I had timed it correctly and my surge had passed. On cd18 I had a slight gush of wet cervical fluid and a thick glob of stretchy fluid. It wasn't thin and slippery, but rather globby. I then did an internal fluid test and it was white, creamy, and a little sticky. On cd19 I felt dry all day but when I had a bm I had another glob of the same thick globby, stretchy stuff. Again, I did an internal check and it felt a little sticky. Then, on cd20, I was totally dry. So, I am wondering, did I ovulate within the 36 hour period after the opk like it says you are supposed to and just had remnants of the egg white fluid...or did I ovulate later? And now I am on cd24 and am having really wet cm and after a bm I had a little ewcm. I am so confused! I really hope someone can help me figure this out. Thank you for your time.


Viv - September 19

This one is too complicated for me! You might try joining one of the forums dedicated to TTC. Google trying conceive ttc forum ... Some of them have post after post like this. The only comment I have as I read your post is that it looks like you waited for ovulation, whereas I would have been trying to anticipate ovulation and have sperm in there waiting. It's good for 5 days.



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