Acrylic Nails While Pregnant

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Lucy - March 2

Is it bad to continue getting acrylic nails while preg? I'm in my first trimester.


Phoebe - March 2

I don't think the nails are bad... it's the process of getting them done... When I went to the shop a while back, the fumes and nail bit flying in the air... I should have taken a mask. I could be wrong... Anyone else?


Billie - March 2

I heard that it's fine to have your nails done. It's the fumes that supposedly make you sick. Same with dying your hair....


momof3 - March 2

I got my nails done through my hole pregnancy with all three of my kids. They are all fine :)


Missy - March 2

Doc says don't breath dust or fumes, you're OK. And since my real nails look like c___pola from having acrylic nails for so long, I am glad he said that!


lovely - March 2

Finally... a question I am a pro at... literally! I am an esthetician by trade!!! I think it's VERY important to educate yourselves, ladies! Acrillic nails do not harm you or your baby IF and I mean IF it's real nail acrillic!!!! There are many 'discount' shops that use a product called MMA (Methyl MethAcrilate) because it's dirt cheap and they can buy it by the gallon for a fraction of the price.... how ever, it's meant for DENTAL use!!!! NOT NAILS!!!! There is a huge difference here because of the chemical reactions- dentists use it in a safe way... nail shops do not!!!! They mix it with an acrillic nail powder, and the fumes are not only stinky, but hazardous!!! Long term effects of improper MMA use include OVARIAN PROBLEMS!!!!!!!! There is so little Gvmnt regulation (that's actually enforced) that these nails shops are constantly getting away with it. Within my industry, these places are known as "chop-shops" because of how they deystroy women's nails!!!! REAL acrillic- or even better- Gel nails, are not harmful-period. MMA is!!!! The things to watch out for is, first and foremost- a bad, strong chemical odor. This is a sign they use MMA. Good quality acrillic has little to no odor. Gel has no odor at all. In a quality salon, there is also adequate ventilation. If everyone else is wearing a mask... don't you think they should give you one too? Yikes! Also,If you are getting your nails done for 15. bucks or so, think about why! You get what you pay for!!!!! A quality salon will charge a little more, but should be able to tell you the name brand of the product they are using in a moment! Also, they should be able to show you the product- IN IT"S ORIGINAL CONTAINER!!!! And if you REALLY want to be sticky (and safe!!!) ask for a MSDS on the product- (Manufactuer's Safety Data Sheet) Government licences require that when you use acrillic or gel (because they are still considered chemicals) to have a sheet listing all the ingredients, potential hazards ect. It's a perfect way to find out in a hurry how reputable the salon your in, is. If that seems like too much work... go back to your 'discount salon, and know that the studies on MMA haven't FULLY concluded that there is also a risk to kidney problems, possible cancer links... oh, and did I mention... UTERUS problems!!!! A good place to look up extra info, is,, These sites are meant for professionals, but can offer up great advice for our 'customers' on what to be looking for! KNOW WHAT YOU'RE PAYING FOR!!!!!!!!


mandy - July 25

I agree with lovely, with so much unknown possibilites out there, why take the chance? What's 10 months compared to a beautiful, healthy baby for life. If you must, get one of the mask. I know my shop would gladly offer me one if I asked.


Britt - July 25

YES!!! It is bad because of the fumes. The liquid used in the making of acrylic nails is called monomer, and is EXTREMELY dangerous to a fetus. It can cause many birth defects. Don't take that chance.


Cora - July 25

I have been getting my nails done for over a year and a half now, and still continue to do so and I am 27 weeks pregnant. But I recommend Gel nails, not acrylic. My dr said there is nothing wrong with getting your nails done :)


Lovely - July 25

Women simply need to be educated about what's going on their nails. Many reputable companies like OPI and Creative Nail make monomers with barely any fumes or odors. Strong odors are the first sign of MMA, and THAT IS HARMFUL!!!!!!! Mask or NO MASK!!!!!


Jodie - July 25

I agree with lovely, my nail technician hates the smell of those cheap places and can tell straight away if ive been to one


Lovely - July 27

Any trained Nail Tech or Esthetician can tell, because MMA nails look like c___p, next to properly done nails. MMA is BAD!!!! Period. Ok... I'm done on this subject.


Gina - July 27

I get my nails done and nothing is wrong with my baby. I am older and have had every test done....Triple screening, CVS and my baby is healthy as ever.


Lovely - July 28

Getting your nails done isn't harmful at all- to you OR the baby.... What's harmful is discount nails salons that don't practice sanitary habits, and ones that use MMA. Get your nails done... often! Just KNOW WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR!!!! Education is key.


zhaleah - September 8

hey...everyone here is talkin about getting nails done,,, i m in a different country but i did my naic tech course from the US. IS doing nails in pregnancy harmfull for the baby? pls help me out here ...


j - September 8

My friend got her nails done througout her entire pregnancy and her baby is perfectly fine:o)


charm - September 30




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