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Sarah - August 12

Hi, I'm 14 years old and I think that I am addicted to s_x. Is there some kind of help that I could get. I want s_x all the time. Please Help~~~~~~


nikki - August 9

im 23 and before now i could have cared less about s_x my bf complained about never getting any. we broke up now im with someone knew and we only she each other on weekends and boy do we make up for it we have s_x so much in the one yr that we have been together we have probably had s_x more then the 365 days add an extra day or two per week and thats sounds about right. the reason for my current s_x life---i found someone i totally click with and we love everything about each other i get turned on by just seeing him in a new pair of jeans. so dont worrie enjoy it and there is nothing you can do if you find yourself that there is no one around to makeyou feel better m_________e all women do it if not their missing out.try that


Melissa - August 10

I have to disagree with Nikki. You are 14? I am not your Mother, I know, but you are WAY to young to be having s_x! What if you get pregnant or get an STD? Your life will totally change and your future may not be all that you hoped for. I have 2 kids and one on the way, I am married and am able to stay at home with my babies. I too enjoy s_x, but I enjoy it with my life long partner, my husband. You need to seek couseling, s_x addiction is a real sickness. At your age, it can only get worse if you don't get help. It will ruin your life if you don't get a handle on it. Channel your energies into something more appropriate, like sports, dance, music something besides s_x. S_x is not a recreational sport, it is serious and has very serious and life changing consequenses! Get help and good luck sweetie!


Sal - August 10

You're not "addicted" to s_x. You are going through puberty that's all. It's quite common for young girls to have these sorts of feelings. I hope to God you are using condoms and birth control.


sarah - August 10

hi, my mom won't put me on BC because she does not believe in it


nikki - August 10

maybe its not s_x you areaddicted to maybe that is just what you are turning to, to avoid whatyour really afraid of. Maybe your lacking friendships,love. Bad parenting maybe. Find something else that mkaes you happy maybe you are just depressed


unknown - August 11

i heard too much s_x causes back pain. true?


ssw - August 12

14-not too young to have s_x if she is older enough to make the decision to then she is old enough she is 14 going on 15 which is only one more yr away from her drivers test which is when most teens become s_xually active now. If god didnt want us to have s_x until legal drinking age that is when he would have given us our period. If your always wanting s_x its normal at your age now.


SaRaH - August 12

I do not think 14 year olds should be wanting s_x!! That is just crazy~!! Whoever made the last post is just talking out of their a__s! GOD gives you choices and you make them. If it was up to him and the way this world was going NO ONE would be able to bring more kids into this place. Think about it!!!!


ssw - August 12

have you not took a look at the satistics for teenagers for when they start having s_x, drinking and smoking. It starts at 12 now for most. It is sad yes. Children these days are growing up faster then probably what you did. So if im wrong here then why are grade 4 cla__ses starting to learn about how to have safe s_x-its because by grade 8some are preg. Too young to have s_x well then we should stop teaching it then. PG 13 movies your allowed to show a man or womens body, its society who is teaching young teenagers s_x is fun and good. S_x at 14 is only wrong now because we live longer and can hold off on having children but for our great grandparents go study that im sure you will find it was common to be married and have children by then



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