Addicted To Coke

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keisha - November 22

I am addicted to coke and pepsi, would that harm the baby. another thing. I am almost 5 months and hardly showing, but I am gaining alot of weight is that fine and what can I do to curb my appet_te?


sam - November 22

hi keisha, too much caffeine is bad for you and baby and is full of sugar - that will make you gain a lot of weight. Have you been tested for diabetes cos that craving sugar like that can be a sign. Try drinking flavoured water or defo cut down on the coke. it really isnt good for you. even diet coke and pepsi contain caffeine. try drinking alternatives like water, fruit juices, soda etc


Beth S. - November 22

wow that is funny, im sorry but i wonder how many people thought this was a totally different kind of question lol


Shell - November 22

the caffeine will go straight to the baby so you need to cut it out.. can you try a cola that is at least caffeine free? Once you handle that, then try to cut down to a diet cola so you cut down the sugar as well. Think of it this way - would put coke or pepsi into a bottle and feed it to your newborn? Of course not, well this is the exact same thing...


Jbear - November 22

I thought this was going to be a different kind of question, too...I drank diet soda during both of my pregnancies. During the first one, no one told me to stop. I think the clinic I was using then was just glad it was soda and not liquor. During my second pregnancy, my doctor told me to stop drinking soda and start drinking a lot of water to reduce swelling. Nothing was said about soda harming the baby, and neither of my kids were born with any problems. Anyhow, the doctor told me to stop drinking soda and I tried, but I got a migraine so bad I had to go to the hospital, because I wasn't getting the caffeine I was so used to. About not showing, usually you don't start showing until about five months when it's your first pregnancy. You show a lot sooner for the second one.


Dawn - November 22

I am a coke fein!!!! I have a 6wk old. During my pregnancy my doc said you could have 2 cokes a day. Now I am strictly b___stfeeding and drink 1 coke every morning and maybe a day or so a week I drink 2. My guy is fine!!!!!!!!!


Kathy S - November 22

I agree with Dawn, it is safe to have 2 sodas a day, same as it is with coffee. Now as for the post regarding DIET sodas...most obs tell you no diet products. There has not been adequate testing of the sugar subst_tutes to warrant safe use while pregnant. If you are a sceptic, just do web searches for nutrasweet or aspartame, etc. and see the side effects people have been incurring while using these sweeteners. I drank several mountain dews everyday at work with my now 2 year old, and he is fine. I had no problems with gestational diabetes or anything else for that matter. As long as you don't get excessive with your sugary products or your caffeine and your baby will be just fine. Just remember, a couple a day...not a 12 pack. :-)


karine - November 23

as long as its in moderate use. If all you drink is cola (5-8 cups/day) then cut it down.and try milk and water. maybe even 100% juice.


libby - November 23

Dont' mind what people say on here ask your doctor. I told my doctor I was having bad headaches and she told me to drink one or two cokes a day and that caffeine help releive headaches, the other option was to take a narcotic to releive the headaches obviously I choose the first option. I asked what coke would do the the baby and she said up to three cuos of a caffinated beverage a day would have no effect on the baby what so ever and she was right I delivered a health 7lb 10oz baby boy just a few weeks ago. Oh and PS drinking coke yourself and feeding it directly to the baby are not the same thing.


karen - November 23

It's true drinking coke while pregnant on feeding it to your baby are not the same thing. Where do people come up with this c___p...are you just making it up cause it sounds good?


%%% - November 23

you're all insane! afraid of the caffeine in soda? gimme a break! what about all the pollution you inhale every day, or the pesticides on your food, or the chemicals in your dishsoap! what's a little caffein? you're all so uptight, take a chill pill and see the big picture. caffeine is the least of your worries.


sHelly - November 23

there is a Pepsi with no caffeine in it, i didnt drink soda before pregnancy, but now i just have a little to settle the craving. and yes it is bad to keep drinking this. i hope your just not over doing it! oh and dont do the diet thing. good luck. i also noticed if i keep drinking soda i get really dehydrated and nothing but water helped....but i mean lots of it!



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