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Katie11 - November 30

Okay...well, I'm really confused. I am currently trying to get a doctor's appointment, but I need some feedback. I had s_x for the first and only time ever on September 15, 2007. I really didnt want to, but my boyfriend talked me into it/made me so upset about saying no, I ended up breaking down and saying yes. We used a condom, but a few minutes or so into it I asked him to stop, which he did, so he did not ejaculate in me/ in the condom. He checked the condom by putting water into it, and there were no holes. I had my period the day after, and it was pretty heavy. I had my period in October, but it was lighter. I experienced spotting the first day, heavier bleeding the next morning, but after that I had lighter bleeding for about 5-6 days (my periods usually last 4 days). I got my period this month, a few days early, and again it is a lighter period. I had brown discharge for a day, but random red bleeding in between. Sometimes I'd go to the bathroom and there would be no blood in the toilet or when I wiped. Its taking me 2 - 4 hours to fill up a tampon instead of 1 hour (this goes for the first two days). I had minimal - no cramps in October, but really bad cramps that lasted 2 days this cycle. Now Im having red bleeding, but its not heavy. My period isn't just spotting, just to make sure everyone understands, its just lighter. I've experience weight loss. Before September I was about 100 lbs. My weight started to slowly drop to 95, then to 90. A week and a half ago I was 85 lbs. I've taken 2 pregnancy tests, one around 5-6 weeks, the other 10-11 weeks. Both were negative. Last week I experience pain in my left br___t, that radiated to my shoulder and down my arm. My other br___t experienced little or no pain. I havent had morning sickness, but I've noticed that the left side of my stomach sticks out more than the other....its not noticeable from the front, but it is from the side. Its nothing major, but...what do you think? Could I be, or am I just making myself worry too much?


mjvdec01 - December 1

You need to see a doctor! I don't know about pregnancy specifically, but you have lost 15 pounds and that is not normal. There is definitely something going on and you probably need an ultrasound to figure it out. Please go see the doctor ASAP!!!


xvkx - December 1

First of all, chances are you are not pregnant. It's really hard to imagine a pregnancy coming from a situation in which a condom was used, the guy did not ejaculate, and you even checked for holes and didn't find any... More than likely worrying about being pregnant is exactly what's causing your issues. I've read before that you can actually worry yourself into experiencing the symptoms... and losing weight.... Relax, first of all. Second, if you're still having issues, go see a doctor!


Grandpa Viv - December 1

Anorexia usually leads to amenorrhea. I see nothing in your post that suggests you are pregnant, but I do see you are in major need of counseling and medical help. Please look after yourself. We lost a good friend last year this way.


Malica - December 2

Before even reading Grandpa Viv's response I thought similar things... you are severely underweight. When you don't weigh enough, your body stops your menstrual cycles. Also, the pain you describe that radiated to your shoulder and down your arm really worries me. It sounds like heart problems (signs that a heart attack is on it's way, or an actual mild heart attack!) to me. You may think you're too young for a heart attack, but such a drastic low weight can cause heart problems in even young women! Whatever the cause of the weight loss is, it needs to be addressed right now. Please talk to your parents and get yourself taken to the doctor right away before this gets any more serious than it already is.



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