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G - December 8

Can anyone give me some info on ovulation kits, has anyone been successful with one.


tiffani - December 8

When we decided to get pregnant again, I figured I would just use common sense and a calendar to determine when I was ovulating. Well, that wasn't working because my period was anywhere from 21-45 days apart. (or maybe, it was just because I lacked common sense...who knows) Anyways, I went to Target and bought an ovulation kit (I used the Target brand) and got pregnant the first time. I recommend buying the larger box if you're periods are irregular because you're going to need a lot more tests. Hope this helps you. Good luck & keep us posted! Also... you can buy them a lot cheaper online.


E - December 8

I used Clearblue and bought them on eBay for $4 per box. Boxes were sealed and unexpired. Seven test sticks per box. Great buy:)


r - December 8

I havn't used them but know of 2 friends who have. They both got pregnanat after the first use.


G - December 8

Thank you so much, we have been trying for about three months and I thought I was using common sense as well (i guess not lol)! Still not pregnant yet. So i am hoping that the kit will work.


cheryl - December 8

I used ovulation kits for two years and got a positive every month however it took two years to get pregnant. Just because they are positive doesn't mean you will get pregnant. Look for other signs too. Your cervical fluid should change to an egg white consistancy. This type of cervical is condusive to sperm and helps carry sperm to the egg. Any cervical fluid that is pasty or dry usually traps sperm not allowing it to get to your egg. Read the book "Taking charge of your fertility" by Toni Weschler. The book is an amazing resource for women trying to conceive. It tells you everything you need to know and includes charts to monitor your fertility. I used the book for two years. good luck.



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