Advice Needed Ttc For First Time

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dawn - September 24

My husband and I are ttc, it will be our first child...The only problem is I'm taking provera to get a period, since I stopped taking the pill. So once I'm regular again we'll really try! But I am the first one of my friends to ttc and my mom passed away when I was 14, so I need general adivice!!! Any suggestions for a first timer ttc???


hi dawn - September 24

Just realax and have fun with it. If you know what time of your cycle you ovulate on....then try to "do the deed" the day before and the day of your ovulation. I dont know how much of this you already know, but good luck!!.


dawn - September 24

well, I only know what I've read here and there... I just can't remember how long my cycles were Pre-pill, I wanna say about 30 days...It's hard to say...I had been on the pill for 5 years...So if I have a longer cycle, like 30-32 days do you still ovulate at 14days, or is it more like 16 days since it's a long cycle??? I'm hoping we can just do it all without getting too technical! I'm tracking my cycles on another webiste (If I ever get a pd), so hopefully that will give me some answers...I ordered some books from Amazon too...We're trying to surprise my mother in law, so I don't want to ask her anything!


Rhonda - September 24

Hi dawn..just remember don't try too hard or it won't happen...just as the other post says have fun with it and try not to let anyone know your ttc cause if it takes a couple of months you don't want friends and family asking you if you are yet....that is what my husband and I did...we have been together for almost 6yrs and I am 21wks with "our first" a boy....this will be his first I have two other sons by my ex husband...we never told anyone we were trying well I told my best friend I went off the pill...but it took like a year for us to do it well we did not try very hard right after I got off the pill I wanted to let my system return to normal and my cycle is every 28 days...when I stopped the pill my cycle came as if I was still on it....but anyways good luck keep us posted....



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