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daisymaye - March 7

I started my last period on February 6th and although I do not track it, I figured from my cm that I ovulated somewhere around the 22nd. My husband and I had s_x on the 22nd as well as the 25th. I had light spotting on the 26th when I went to the restroom but have had nothing since then. It was light pink with some brown in it. I'm just curious if that was too early for implantation spotting. I've read several places that if you have it at all, it usually starts at 6-10 dpo. My period should've been here yesterday or possibly today but I have had no real symptoms of it coming on. I usually have strong cramping and br___t tenderness about a week ahead of it but nothing so far! I had quite a headache last night before going to bed and woke up in the night several times to pee... (this is different than normal) I understand that these are not major symptoms but all of it together has me quite confused. I know that it's just a waiting game from here but anyone else's advice and stories would be appreciated! Thank you!


DownbutnotOUT - March 7

the light spotting on the 26th was probably ovulation spotting as some women experience no implantation spotting. CM is not a very accurate way to determine ovulation, temping is the best and very accurate. Anyway if you ovulated on the 26th than implantation takes place anywhere from 6-12 days, so I would say between March 4-10. your signs are encouraging so I would take a test in 3 days. for me I didnt think I would get pregnant I did have some sympton about 4-6 dpo and implantation spotting on 6/7 dpo (which I didnt have my my last 4 pregnancies) but one thing I remember was the killer headaches and gas. Good luck and take care


daisymaye - March 7

Thank you for your response DownbutnotOUT! I was at work tonight and got another headache. I have headaches on various occasions but they are normally sinus related and hurt in a different place then the ones I have had recently. Still no sign of AF...


daisymaye - March 8

I woke up this morning with the wet feeling that AF had reared her ugly head...but nothing. I wiped my cervix to see if there was any sign of anything that had not made it's way out yet and still nothing! I am trying to hold off until Sunday to take a test. Oh the suspence!


Bridget - March 8

That having to pee 3 times as much as normal was one of my very first symptoms (about 3 weeks pregant, I figured), it was crazy. I was also very hot when everyone else was comfortable or even cold.


daisymaye - March 8

I had that wet feeling all day. I kept going to the restroom a__suming AF had come but still nothing. Another headache has come on in the last couple hours. Blah!


sososleepy - March 9

Hi daisymaye. You answered your own question on the implantation spotting; it's the exception, not the rule (IE rare) and usually happens 6 to 10 dpo. It is a waiting game, and it's driving lots of us just as nuts as it's making you. AF and PG symptoms are often so similar that until you barf, get a bfp, or don't see that temp drop when you expect it to it's hard to tell. I kept checking my cervix too, but af came and I'm gearing up for O in about a week now. The headaches could be stress, but the gas sounds good. I use dollar tree tests so I can use them daily at the end of the tww (two week wait from ovulation to af or bfp), and that does take the edge off of my impatience, some. Good luck, and let us know!


daisymaye - March 10

Thank you all for your stories and advice. I couldn't wait til Sunday to test! I took a test late this morning. It wasn't FMU but I figured since I had already missed my period that it wouldn't matter if it was FMU or not. It was negative and there's still no sign of AF. I had the same feeling all day again, like AF had started, but still nothing... I was expecting AF to be here somewhere around the sixth- give or take a day or two due to February being a short month- but like I said previously, I normally have signs that it's coming on about a week in advance but I haven't had that yet...Do you think that it's possible that a test may show a positive later? Thanks again!



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