Aerola Answers Please Someone

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closer - March 4

(please try to stay tuned :D its a bit long) im only about 11 dpo, and iv'e been told that having this as a sign is too early, but... i swear that i have small like goosebumps coming up on the aerola and they look as if they are white. see ive never noticed them before, like i have always had little lumps around the aerola but these ones seem as if theres more of them and they look closer together and white and they stay as more of a bump when the nipple isnt even erect. can you get this sign as early as 11dpo??....p.s i have already taken a few pregnancy tests (bit early i know) and a few said no but there was a faint positive on one of them that came up (not sure if it came up within the time limit though, i only looked for a couple of minutes) it was pink, not grey and it was as thick of the control line. thoughts please :D


Cevvin - March 4

Those could be caused by serveral things. But mainly a change in hormones. They are there to produce a oily substance to protect the nipple. You wont see it squirting out of anything like that. But usually they are increased my hormone changes. Changes in your ovaries, pregnancy, and even just a regular period can make these more prominent. Wait some time, take a test, still negative? talk to your doctor and tell him about the hormonal changes, there may be something wrong.


closer - March 4

rightttttttttt thank you very much ill do another test in a few days to see x


Bridget - March 6

Not sure about the nipple changes but I took many pregnancy tests over the years (we tried for almost 7 years) and the only time I EVER got any positive line of any kind after waiting any length of time, I was PG with my beautiful son. So, I'd say to yes, wait a few days and take another test or, heck, tell your obgyn you think you're PG and they'll give you a blood test. The HGC may not be all that high yet but it will probably be elevated enough to give you an idea if you are PG. Good luck and keep us posted.


closer - March 6

feels like af is near :( ... gettin all the pains that i would get when im about to come on grrrrr i wish she would stay away!! x


aggie03 - March 7

not so fast.. A lot of women have cramps during early pg....I kept thinking I was about to start for like 4 days before I finally took a test. Could be either, take another test when you are closer


closer - March 7

im four days away i done another test today (couldnt halp it) and it was a BFN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRR! and im now 14 dpo, it would have shown up by now suely!! or at least show a faint positive line?!


closer - March 7

oops a couple of typos there my fingers are frozen



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